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Good First Date Ideas
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What are some good first date ideas? Sorry ladies, this article is for the guys (simply because I give advice to guys, and let's be honest, you have plenty of sources, it's the fellas that don't have many places to go for ideas).

The first date is important. It is like your championship game. Do you know how many guys can't make it past the first date? I think I could fill a football stadium daily with them (all right, maybe an exaggeration but you get the idea).

Before I get into some specific ideas, realize that there are some rules to follow.

Rule 1, Don't give her more than 2 compliments. You are allowed to tell her she looks nice when picking her up and then you had a fun time when dropping her off. That's it! Anything more and you are like every other guy that thinks that telling her for the 10,000th time that she has beautiful eyes ensures a 2nd date. It doesn't. She's heard it all since the age of, oh, 11.

Rule 2, Don't bring up negatives. It is amazing to me that guys do this but it is a common mistake. They talk about all their past hurts and trials up until the point that his date is trying to commit hari-kari with the butter knife at the table. Girls just want to have fun, especially on the first date! Also, negatives play to the head but they don't influence the heart. Keep it light. Keep it funny!

Rule 3, Make her laugh. Pretty easy one. The ladies want to have fun! Laughing is fun. Get it?

Rule 4, Keep your mitts to yourself. Many guys get in a woman's space and think they have to touch and kiss her in hour 1. Let me break it down to you. Every guy that she got rid of is trying to touch her. Here's a novel approach. Let her come at you, simply because she knows when the right time to touch is!

Rule 5, Limit the time. If you marry her eventually (dating has a strange way of leading to marriage at times) then you might be with her 40 plus years! So, you don't need to spend 8 hours "selling yourself" on date 1. Try to go 2-3 hours max. Let her have fun, laugh a lot and then wonder how great next time will be with you. She's a complete stranger and you need to build things slowly. Oh, by the way, even if she's been your "friend" and now you're on a date, the dynamic is still different.

Generally guys that follow these rules are the callers to the dating women radio show that I co-host and those men are talking about the multiple successful dates they're having (or they're talking about their loving girlfriend, fiance or wife).

All right, now that you have that all down, here are some good first date ideas.

1. Something fun and physical like miniature golf, the driving range, pool or bowling. Lots of opportunity for her to touch you (which is a sign she likes you) and games are always a good way to gauge whether or not she's got a flexible personality.

2. You could take her to a unique local restaurant or bar. Something quiet and classy enough to talk in and a place with "local flavor." A chain is boring. Take her to the Italian restaurant where the owner wanders around greeting everyone or the Mexican place with the Salsa Band in the background (again, as long as you can talk). We had a caller on my dating women radio show that specifically scouts out these great restaurants in anticipation of all the dates he'll be having.

3. Hiking is cool (that is if you and her are the outdoors types). High maintenace women don't like hiking as a first date!

4. An art gallery can be nice (that is if you and her are the artsy types). It's a great place to spark intelligent and fun conversation!

I'm sure you can think of more good first date ideas but the bottom line is to keep things light, funny and make sure that you stay off heavy subjects.

Remember guys, a bad first date means no second date and no second date means she'll never be your girlfriend!

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