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Growing Online Dating Relationships
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Not far from the real world of relationships, online relationships are not very different. Much of what's needed in an online relationship is also necessary in any relationship. They both need your attention and work to grow and mature.

Growing tips that might be helpful:

  • It's important that you set aside time for your virtual online relationship because if too much time passes between meeting and staying in touch, the relationship will be no more. So be sure to respect that time is a necessary ingredient to a healthy online relationship.
  • It's important that you communicate. Both partners need to feel heard and understood. And be sure not to rush meeting one another too soon. With the time you side aside to getting to know one another, trust will build and, eventually,meeting will come naturally.
  • Respect one another's privacy in regards to emails, photos, other online dating stories, etc ... People respect their privacy and what they agree to share with you will not be for others to see. Keep private the emails, pictures, and other online stories that they might share unless otherwise given consent.
  • Similar to an offline relationship, an online dating relationship needs to continue to do the same things that work well in an offline relationship.

For example, sending greeting cards, special attachments via email, and posting on similar forums about your interests, sharing video clips, etc .. does a world of wonders in building a bond between two people. And if you've already exchanged post office boxes, mailing valentines cards, and other special gifts via direct mail is sure to bring a smile and deepen the connection.

  • Honesty is highly underrated in any relationship whether it be online or offline. For some unknown reason, men and women alike have resulted to playing games with one another just to reach a desired outcome. There are online courses that "teach" men how to get women in bed, or what correct pickup terms to use to get a woman to notice them.

Fact is, if you're not authentic, no amount of posturing will work over the long haul. So maybe you will get laid but don't forget that a broken heart trumps that by a landslide.

Just remember to communicate, when spending time together, and to respect your partner, by showing them you care in many small ways, although you can't physically be there. Your honesty will be the seeds of many loving years to come.

Ultimately, the attention you give to your online dating relationship will register in its longevity and health. If you patiently water it, it will grow over time leaving you both to reap the rewards.

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