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How Can I Keep A Man Interested In Me?
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There are various ways a woman can can keep a man interested and attracted. Remember when you started when everything was exciting, sexy and flirty? Many people are inquisitive and they want their husband, boyfriend or partner to still keep that flame that was there from the beginning of the relationship.

1. You should not take advice on relationships from single ladies who tell you how to keep a man. Single ladies are at most experts of being single. Ask yourself that if a woman was an expert at such advice, wouldn’t she be with a man at that moment?

2. Know how to elevate your man through praise and appreciations. It is different from complimenting women. Praise is like a reward for a man’s talents and achievements. Your appreciations reflect the thankfulness you have towards the things he does that make you happy. Trust me, appreciation rewards great behavior and ensures a repeat of that behavior.

3. You have heard that saying that you can not change anyone. But I have a better remedy to that: think of it as being you can inspire and influence instead of trying to change a man. That is why you have that feminine power. You don’t have to compromise but you can definitely do things differently and naturally “influence” a man to follow suit without striving to change him. Most people are quite defensive if you try to change them. Be observant of a man’s personality and get to know his likes and dislikes. It will help you turn the negatives into positives.

4. Get rid of any signs of jealousy. You may at times get that feeling that you are not good enough and so every woman he comes into contact with may spark some jealousy! Women who exaggerate this jealous streak are often those that will eventually drive a man away. He will get this idea that you are insecure and all your attractiveness will fade away. If you want to Keep a Man interested in you, you will need to elude confidence (even though you may be feeling jealous at the moment).

5. Appearances are of utmost importance. They not only make him interested in you, they make your inner confidence glow. When you feel, and look great, you show it in your walk, talk and self-esteem. This will keep him interested for a long time. Make the effort to look and feel sexy.

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