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How Can You Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back?
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How Can You Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

Are you suffering from heartache? Did you just break up with him? And you badly want to get your ex boyfriend back? Having a thought of how to get him back is really a big problem, isn’t it? You need to consider certain things. But you don’t have to worry.

Here are some tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back:

What made him leave you?

Think of the things or reasons what made him leave you. You need to analyze the reasons. You need to think of the instances that caused the arguments. Think of the possible things you have done or the things that he has done that made everything go worst.

Assess yourself.

Try to examine yourself. By doing this you will know if you’re still the same woman that he had fallen in love with. Go out with your friends to have fun and relax your mind. You should gain your confidence again to be able to bring back your tranquility. You should find the courage and the essential path that will lead his love to your heart. Do not make things become worse in your life, stay as the person you were before, the person that he had fallen in love with.


Turn back to yourself and see the mistakes that you have made that caused the break up, be honest and sincere while doing this assessment, afterwards you will find the urge to forgive and forget the unhappy memories of your relationship. If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to make sure that he sees you as a friend, as a soul mate; as a person who is giving, loving and most importantly understanding . You need to be the “good girl”; this means that, be the girl that he will see as “the girl with the golden heart”.

Break the attitude.

You need to think about your behaviour through the bad times, which are the worse, which made him fall apart from you and your heart. Re-consider the fights and the arguments that you’ve had in the past. What were the things that made him upset? Was it because you were pressurizing him every now and then, which obviously makes most of us feel with no freedom? Or was it because of your jealousness? If you realise your mistakes in this relationship you will have the faith in you to correct your attitude, become a better person in this relationship and hence, get your ex boyfriend back.

Have a distance.

This does not mean that you will ignore him or avoid his presence in your life. This means that you need to give him the time to miss you. Make him notice that he has to try to better the relationship. However, do not become an absence in his life. Keep in touch with him once in a while and try to give him the idea that you think about him. Do the things that both of you do and make him know that you did it. This would make him feel that you always remember him and would make him miss you. If he misses you then there would be a great chance that you could get your ex boyfriend back.

But remember these ladies, don’t be too desperate. Be the same woman that charmed him. If you know that he is already dating another woman, step back. Let him get to know her but still make him feel that you are there. If you wish to get your ex boyfriend back, you should always put in mind one thing; that you have to be the person you are, without lies, insincerities and deceit.

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