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How Can You Tell If A Man Likes You And Is Attracted To You
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How Can You Tell If A Man Likes You And is Attracted to You

Men can be hard to “read” and understand sometimes. There are lots of ways to tell but sometimes we don’t pay attention to what he is doing when it comes to certain "signs". How do you really know if a man likes you and is attracted to you?

How many hours have you spent talking to your best friend on the phone wondering whether or not that the guy you are interested in really does love you and if he is attracted to you? We talk every little situation over with our best friend and all she can say is “Well, it sounds like he is interested in you.”

Do you know how to tell if the man you are dating is really interested in you? Men are kind of hard to understand is what most women think, but are you concentrating on the wrong sides of a romance or are you “grasping at straws” as the saying goes? Sometimes we think they are interested in us but in reality they barely know we are alive and that can be very humiliating. What kinds of signs can you look for in a romance to know if he may be interested?

1. One way to find out if he is interested in you is when you are around him pay attention to his body language. Men mostly try to appear in control and are confident, and especially when they are attracted to you they don’t want to appear out of control or nervous. Can you tell if he is having a hard time trying to keep his composure? Do you notice that while you are in a group situation does he lean a little closer towards you? When a man takes a “protective posture” or “stance” around you in a group then this can be a good sign of interest. He more or less has claimed you as his and wants others to see it.

2. Another way to find out if he is attracted to you is through eye contact! Now this I could write pages about and never have it completely explained but eye contact between you and him can be very powerful. Really pay attention to the way he is looking at you. Have you caught him staring at you and the outfit you have on. Does he check out your figure? When he does this can you feel really secure in knowing he has interest in you? Lots of times when a man is attracted to you it is sometimes hard for him to look directly at you because he is nervous and this can be another good sign. But also think of it this way, if you both are looking at each other and you are both totally focused on each other for a long amount of time then there is a mutual interest and attraction for each other!

3. Now another way to tell if he is interested and attracted to you is has he mentioned your name to anyone? If you hear from someone that he has been mentioning you to his friends or someone that you both know then he is most likely interested and has noticed you. He is finding out information about you and this is a really good sign because he is looking for information about you that he may be finding out more about you and your personality, character, and other information that he is wanting to know. After all, it is not always what you think about yourself, but what do others think about you? So, it is good if he is talking to others about you. It is especially good when he tells someone else that he is attracted to you. He may in his own way be shy, and he may be trying to find out if you are also interested in him too. He is secretly hoping that they will tell you that he is attracted to you and wants more of you!

Now I will say that probably the very best way to find out if he is attracted to you and if you really want to find out then ask him! Yes, ask him. But the problem is that most women don’t even want to think of doing that. If you don’t want to do that then just have some patience and usually if a man does feel attracted to you and is really interested in you then he won’t hesitate to let you know how he feels.

We don’t always know what to do in situations and how to really handle a man and know what he is thinking. We have gotten too much information from what is on TV and in the media. If you want to know how to melt his heart and keep him attracted to you then I encourage you to really pay attention to your man and find out what you may be doing right or wrong.

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