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How Do I Know I Found The One - Part 2
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How Do I Know I Found The One  -  Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1...

I didn’t know what to reply, even though I thought what he had written was so sweet and gentleman like, so I didn't for the first few days. Then I thought about it and thanked him for sharing what he felt. I never said whether I was interested in a relationship with him or not, we just continued chatting on skype about everyday things because I enjoyed talking with him so much.

I also continued to communicate with other guys through the online dating websites I was a member of. I even went out on a date with a guy about a week after all these emails from this other guy in the other state. I was very open about it though and told him I had a date, but when I got home after the date, the guy who had been sending the long emails asked to talk to me on skype again like we had been doing.

Not long into our skype conversation he asked me what I felt about the emails and if I felt the same? I said I did enjoy his company and talking with him immensely, but still wasn’t sure about the long distance between us. He was worried that even though we had shared intimate words together, I was still dating other guys. I said of course, you never asked me out and I wasn’t sure it would work anyway.

So right then and there he said: “Will you be my girlfriend?” I felt such a great connection with him, that despite this distance between us, I said yes straight away. I still wasn’t sure how it was going to work because of the distance, but knew he cared about me so we would sort it out as soon as we could.

That next week he booked a flight to come up and stay with me for about a week so we could spend more time together to see how this was going to work. We had some differences, but because he had been so honest with me in the beginning about his feelings towards me, as well as up until now, it helped me to still be honest with him too. So when we had some differences regarding things, I would openly talk to him about it and we would come to an agreement like a win-win situation.

Knowing that I didn’t want to continue a long distance relationship, he said to me that he had been thinking about how it would work. He said me moving down there wouldn’t be the best option because of me moving away from family, friends and work. Moving in together someone else wouldn’t work either but him moving up here to me would be the best option. He wanted to live somewhere with warmer weather anyway.

I told him that I didn’t want him moving here just because of me, as I couldn’t take him blaming me if it didn’t work out. So he agreed that it was mainly for the weather, but also to be closer to his sister who was only an hour away from where I lived. That I was living here was going to be a bonus.

It only took him about 6 months from the day we met till we had moved in together and he had moved all his stuff here as well. We have still had a couple of conflicts during this time living together, but we are still madly in love. He told me he was in love with me on that first week we spent together when he came to stay with me to see how we would work together. I wasn’t ready to say it at the time because I thought it was too soon. But he said he could tell anyway from how I looked at him.

So how do I know I found The One?

We are completely ourselves around each other no matter how silly we get. Being yourself means you are completely honest and open about who you are and what you believe in about life. I also had a list I had written up about what I wanted in a partner and he had nearly everything on it.

We laugh together and have so much fun majority of the time. We both share the same love languages. Most importantly for me, was that he had an open mind. He was open to listening to different points of view, open to different healing methods and open to learn about what I was passionate about in life.

I did have moments of getting upset with him, but it was usually because I thought he was acting like a past relationship and didn’t care. But he was just responding differently and is prepared to do whatever it takes to help me understand when we don’t agree on some things.

So one-way of doing things was never the right way, we are both open to listening of other ways that may work. He told me he had been looking for the one right person for him and I felt the same. He has since told me that he knows I’m The One and he doesn’t want to be with anyone else no matter how difficult our relationship might get at times. I feel the same and we are both prepared to learn together about improving ourselves and our relationship so that it can last till the end.

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