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How Do I Know If Im Dating The Right Guy?
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You are dating this great guy. You have a lot of fun together. He is charming and easy to talk to. He's great looking and you think you could be falling in love. So, what's the problem right? The problem is that you've been hurt before. It started out just like this. Once you fell madly in love, he left and it's taken a long time for you to recover enough to even think about going on another date let alone go on enough dates to develop real feelings for someone new. How do you know if you're dating the right guy so you don't have to go through all that pain again?

The sad thing is that Mr. Right doesn't come with a tattoo on his forehead. Some people believe that there is only one perfect soul mate for every person. Others believe that you make your own soul mate. You'll have to decide what you believe about soul mates but there is one thing that is fairly universal when it comes to love – it offers no guarantees. Part of the rewards of loving someone and being loved by them are the result of the risks involved. If the pleasure wasn't so intense then the pain wouldn't be nearly as devastating.

There really is no way of knowing if you're dating the right guy or the perfect guy or the one guy who will never hurt you. But you can decide if you're dating a guy that makes you happy and who you believe you have the ability to make happy in return. Good relationships don't just fall into your lap. You have to do a little work, invest a little time, and expand a lot of energy to make them work out well for all parties involved. Right now you can either do whatever it takes to make your relationship work for you or you can allow the ghosts of the past to interfere.

It's not an enviable position to be. But, before you make your decision to move forward and stop looking back you need to be sure that the relationship from the past has been put to bed once and for all. You need to be sure that you really are over your ex and ready to move on to a new life without him in it. If you aren't sure then you need to find out.

Only then can you make a responsible decision as to whether you should get your ex back or move on and start a new life with the man who could be the right guy for you after all.

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