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How To Act At Wedding When You're Single
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Nightclubs are filled with strangers and we’ve all been taught from an early age that strangers are not to be trusted. The women there know what you’re after, so you have a great deal of skepticism to overcome before you can penetrate her protective shields.

Wedding parties, on the other hand, are filled with somebody’s brothers, sisters, cousins, roommates and friends. The women there are all in fairy-tale mode and wondering when it will be their turn to find Prince Charming.

So, gentlemen, get on your white horse. It’s time to ride.

Here’s a brief guide for you guys to find a great girl (or two) at a wedding bash.

1. Go to the wedding.

Dress up nicely and show up early. If the ladies see you before and during the wedding, you will be perceived as safer and will have more credibility than the guys who just show up for the party afterward. Plus, it gives you the chance to “preview” all the girls.

They all want to see the dress and the ceremony and get ideas for their own wedding, so the ladies will be there. This is when all of the girls and just some of the single guys will be in attendance, so you will stand out more.

2. Know who the single girls are and let them see that you are single, too.

There is one sure way to know who all of the single girls are at a wedding — the bouquet toss. Don’t groan and run to the bar when they announce it — get a front row seat.

Remember, the ladies take this wedding stuff pretty seriously, and all of the single girls are likely to show up to support the bride and try to catch the bouquet. Remember who the single ones are.

A lot of guys will think it’s not cool and take a pass on the groom’s garter toss — but not you. This is your chance to let the girls know for sure that you are single, so get in there and try to catch the garter.

If you do, you have an automatic intro to the girl who got the bouquet: “It looks like we’re next, so I suppose we should get to know each other first.”

Of course, without the garter, you can approach any single girl with a line like, “I see you didn’t get the bouquet and I didn’t get the garter, so it should be safe for us to dance. What do you say?”

3. It’s OK to ride alone.

Guys that are alone in bars might seem kind of creepy and dangerous to the ladies, but the mindset is completely different at weddings. Everybody is an invited guest.

It’s always good to have a wingman or a buddy when you’re approaching girls you don’t know, but it’s not essential at weddings. If you’re comfortable by yourself, go for it.

4. Find your connection.

Your advantage at a wedding is that you’re not total strangers. Make sure when you strike up a conversation with a girl, you use that to your advantage.

Tell her who you know and how you are connected to the bride or groom, and find out her connection. Keep digging until you find a person or place you both know, if you can.

If you have a friend or school in common, it will put her at ease and allow you to start getting acquainted, but just knowing the guy who married her friend is a pretty good start.

5. Be fun and entertaining.

If you know a magic trick, card trick, decent joke or how to juggle, these talents can make you a hero with the ladies. Of course, it can also make you a zero if you are overbearing or weird instead of charming.

Plan ahead and have a riddle, brainteaser or bar room puzzle ready. Arranging matchsticks or turning the pyramid of pennies upside down in three moves can be engaging for a couple of girls who look bored.

Here’s something you can try without bringing props.

Approach a girl or group of girls and introduce yourself nicely. Then make a circle with your thumb and forefinger and say, “I’ll bet you I can poke my head through this little hole.” Get them to bet you a kiss if they don’t think you can really do it.

When you have a kiss or two lined up, hold the circle up near your forehead, and then with your other hand, put your finger though the hole and poke your head.

Nobody can deny that you poked your head through that little hole, and she owes you a kiss. Collect the kiss and ask if she would like a drink and some fresh air.

Wedding parties are one of the best ways to have a lot of fun while getting to know a few girls. You always go to bars thinking you will be Mr. Irresistible, but you always end up hitting the wall of reality instead.

Wedding parties are the place where you really will be able to relax and be the outgoing, funny, charming guy you really are.

It’s a natural place to meet girls who are in a mood to find the man of their dreams. I know you would be happy to have a night of passion with a lovely lady, but I also know you secretly would love to find a keeper to spend your life with, too. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody.

So don’t roll your eyes the next time you’re invited to a wedding. The love of your life might be the girl in the lavender dress at the next wedding dance.

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