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How To Approach A Girl And Succeed
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Have you ever been in a situation where you wonder how to approach a girl because she’s hot? I’ve been to a lot. But just like you, I used to end up just walking away because I’m too afraid to just move forward and say hello (even up to this day!).

Here are a few tips I have in mind on how to approach a girl, and of course, be successful.

If you’re wondering How to approach a girl but you’re just too afraid of rejection: Do your self a favor, tell yourself REPEATEDLY that a hot girl is not scary.

I know for a fact that whenever an attractive girl comes around, you just feel that inexplicable fear. If it’s rejection that you are scared about, let me tell you that it happens. Be a man and just walk away. Women wouldn’t put you in a situation that would make you miserable for the rest of your life.

If you are thinking how to approach a girl, then the first thing you have to come up with is what to say. Let’s say you’ve managed to just walk up to a girl. What is a good opener? For me if you’re going to tell her something, it should always suit the situation.

For example you might say “Can I ask you a question? How do you find this popular book by this so-and-so author” in a bookstore situation. Or maybe “What’s your name” or “What are you drinking?” in a bar setting. Now that’s a better approach how to approach a girl and actually start a more natural conversation with her and go from there!

NEVER think of standard scripted pick up lines because girls would always detect them.

So now you know how to approach a girl and start a conversation. The next thing you would want to happen is to be able to go to the next level, which is would define our success--a continuous communication with her.

Ironically, as much you are having a great time talking to an attractive girl the first time you met, you’ll need to end the conversation within three to five minutes.

It is very important that you’re the one to END THE CONVERSATION FIRST--because it tells her that you have a life, and that you’re not clingy and that it’s clear that you’re not trying to take up (or stall) her time.

However, for you to be able to call her again, remember that you need get a piece of her information from her--ask for her facebook email address first, and then follow it up with her phone number.

To do it, right after you have told her you’re leaving, walk away. And then after three or five steps or so, turn back, and say, “Hey, do you have a facebook account? i’ll add you up”, and then have her write it down on a piece of paper. While she’s writing, tell her to write down her phone number too!

So there you have it! A few techniques how to approach a girl and succeed!

And If you also want to check out other resources, I also did a review on a community which I think would give you more information on how to approach a girl in more detail. You can check out my BradP review here.

But if you need some more “guidance” on how to attract a woman, then you might want to get some free advice from my blog. That’s right, for FREE, you’ll be able to get some hints, REALIZATIONS and one on one email advice from my mailing list.

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