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How To Approach A Girl - Eliminate Fear And Master It
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Have you been thinking of strategies how to approach a girl but you just couldn’t do them simply because you are afraid of approaching girls? Especially those uber attractive ones? Well, no matter how much you plan on approaching a girl, if it doesn’t happen, then nothing is going to happen. It is pointless. That FEAR is pointless!

I’ll have to state the obvious here. What we need to do is eliminate pointless things--eliminate the fact that nothing is going to happen, therefore we have to eliminate that fear of approaching girls. Let me teach you step by step how to approach a girl without being afraid.

It starts with you! Take time to think of scenarios how to approach a girl. What are you going to tell her? How would you look like? What would you tell her on that situation? And more importantly, how would you say it? Practice, practice and practice--in your head, when you can find time, do it. It gets you prepared and conditioned for the challenges to come!

The next thing is getting yourself exposed. Let’s say fear is normal around attractive girls, and you just could not face them. The solution? Just do it anyway! That’s right, succumb to fear, walk forward, and just start a conversation with girls! The best solution to actually handle your fear is by getting exposed to what triggers your fear of women. Just like diving on a swimming pool, or making a bicycle jump, it takes a number of execution before you can eliminate the fear of doing it, and then learn it, and ultimately master it.

Here’s an exercise I want you to do to practice eliminating that fear of approaching a girl. If you have time, go to a public place like a shopping mall, a museum (my favorite), or a bar (but of course). Simply approach a girl, say hi and then tell her something that would suit the situation. For example, in a museum, walk forward to a girl looking at a painting, and then ask her what she thinks about it, and then let her know what you think, have a small conversation for two or three minutes and say “nice meeting you” and then move on, talk to another girl. After which, assess how fear goes for you every after girl you meet. Simple and easy.

After that, the next thing you have to do is to take it to the next level. Continue what you are doing. Approach as many girls as you can on a daily basis to eliminate fear. The next thing you’ll notice is that it’s becoming normal. At that point, you should be able to talk about things on a personal level and make her laugh! Just have fun, and get every positive things out of it. Learn from it.

As for me, I know for myself that I still need a lot to learn to improve on how to approach a woman. However hard it may seem, I think I’m on the right track, needless to say I’d like to reach out to like minded people and have our ideas shared with each other.

Fear is on HUGE aspect of it that we have to deal with. It’s part of being a man. But if you need further learning on the subject, or once you have mastered how to approach a woman, the next thing you need to do is to learn what to say to a woman you like.

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