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How To Approach Women
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Ah, it's the age-old question. How to approach women. I've got the how for you but you need to first figure the "where."

Let's take a look at some places you might approach them with my advice/tactics for each one.

Cold On The Street: Unless you like having people with badges on their chests throw a net over your head, walking up to a woman on a street corner, or at a bus stop or anywhere else where you're a complete stranger on a public street is a good way to get arrested or get a grill full of mace. It's a low percentage play fraught with danger.

At Work: The ever seductive workplace. This is pretty much the opposite of "cold on the street" since you should know the women you work with at a pretty decent level (unless you're the new kid on the block, in which case you should learn the job before you worry about dating).

There is little danger of the sheriff throwing a net over your head here but you might get dragged into human resources and get yourself fired with a nice sexual harassment lawsuit as a parting gift.

Approaching women here is not the best thing to do. Let her make it super obvious she wants to be with you and then think about it some more. This is another play filled with danger.

Online: I like this approach because it's very time efficient. Make sure you have two photos up of yourself. One should be casual and the other you should be in a suit. Put limited information on your profile and only tell the world that you're looking for a "self-reliant woman to share some laughs with over coffee" or something to that effect. Then, when you email them, tell them that you found their profile interesting and point out something they wrote like their love of surfing, or whatever. Under no circumstances should you mention something to do with their looks.

Speed Dating: Another very time efficient play. At least with speed dating and online dating you know there are women there interested and available for dating (at least most of them). In speed dating, you get 3-8 minutes to make a first impression so make sure to be confident and in control. Smile, look her in the eye and ask interesting questions such as: "What do you like best about yourself," "how does your life change if you win the lottery." By being confident, in control and armed with interesting questions, you'll set yourself apart from the nervous dudes that generally are your competition.

Dance (and other) Classes: Guys that call into the dating women radio show I co-host seem to love this approach. In a class setting, especially in dance classes (but other classes too, like education and comedy), you can really get to know women over time on more of a friendship level. They're learning right along with you and having fun and you almost don't have to approach. The interested ones will let you know when they're interested if you lay back, chill out and let them come to you. In fact, we had one caller who told us that he let women in the class set him up with their cute friends because they thought he was so sweet. Now, he was one slick guy!

Bars/Nightclubs: Very tough venue indeed. Best thing you can do is find a place that is more geared towards happy hour and talking. Loud nightclubs are nearly impossible and most of the women are on their guard anyway. You want to hang out in a place where you can actually hear and be heard and see if women engage you in conversation or look over at you and smile. If they do either, just go ahead and say hi. Yes, that's the line. If a woman likes you physically then "hi" will be enough to get a conversation rolling. If she doesn't like you then you could be the funniest most witty guy in the world and it won't matter.

Weddings/Social Events: Another great venue that we always suggest on our dating women radio show. Again, you don't have anything really too cold or impersonal here. You should know someone who knows someone so you can get an introduction. Once the introduction occurs, if the woman likes you physically you'll find the conversation is easy. If she doesn't, then you're out. Remember, women help you when they like you!

Grocery Stores/Book Stores/Laundromats: Isn't this the old chestnut people keep tossing out? Meet her at the grocery store. Well, it's getting tougher and tougher because it's just a step below approaching her on the street. I'm not saying not to do it if you're getting eye contact or if you see her often at the neighborhood store, just remember that it's still a tough move with a stranger.

The object of all of this, when approaching is to be light and funny plus be confident. If you're going to get shot down, might as well make a big splash in the ocean!

Remember guys, when you want to know how to approach women, you have to consider not only the how, but the where!

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