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How To Ask A Girl Out The Right Way
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How to Ask A Girl Out The Right Way

Let's take some time today to explain how to ask a girl out on a date. This part of the whole dating process is key because if you can't get the girl to go out with you then you won't be able to escalate at all. So I'm going to tell you about some key techniques on how to ask a girl out on a date.

How to Ask a Girl Out The Traditional Way:

In the past asking a girl out had to be done in a formal way and you had to wait to see if she liked you. That's because if she didn't like you this meant dooming rejection for you and more importantly no date. You would take a girl out several times and in the third or fourth date you can begin to escalate with her beyond holding her hand or putting your arm around her at the movies. This has been the traditional way on how to ask a girl out.

Today This method is done for. Things have changed, and even calling it a "date" could get the girl to reject you. So let's look at the right way on how to ask a girl out:

How to Ask a Girl Out the Right Way #1

Don't Call it a Date:

Calling it a date implies a few things that work against you. First off, it means a fancy dinner and spending lots of money. Second it means more dates that will drain your wallet and you might not get more than a kiss on the cheek. So don't be a chump and avoid this.

How to Ask a Girl Out the Right Way #2

Do Something, Ask Her to Come Along:

This technique is so good for how to ask a girl out, you'll get so many girls to come out with you this way. If you have a group of friends where you guys actually do something like going to a bar, going dancing or seeing an event, you can simply ask the girl if she wants to come hang out. This is so good because if she says no, you're doing something anyways and if she says yes, you're golden. Also this way, she gets to know you better and see what you're all about, which is a plus.

How to Ask a Girl Out the Right Way #3

Ask More Than One Girl:

Since you're going out on a social event it's really easy for you to invite more than one girl that you're into. This way, when a girl flakes, you'll have another lined up to go out with you. This will sky rocket your results for sure.

So I hope you learned something about how to ask a girl out and you can now practice and pass on some of this knowledge and see how it actually will work. So get out and start using these methods and you'll be out with a girl in no time.

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