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How To Be Approachable To Men: Simple Tactics That Encourage Men To Approach You
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How To Be Approachable To Men: Simple Tactics That Encourage Men To Approach You

Like it or not, in today's dating world it is still largely the guy's job to approach the woman and make first contact.

The problem here is that most women consciously or subconsciously do things that make them seem unapproachable to men. This article will describe some simple tactics that will teach you how to be approachable to men and increase your chances of being asked out by Mr. Right.

1. Stay out of groups in social settings:

It is a fact that men hate approaching groups of women. One of the biggest fears in a man's life is fear of rejection and if you are in a group of women in a social setting he will feel as though he has to impress the whole group to have a chance to impress you. In his mind this substantially decreases his chances of success and will discourage him from taking action.

Men are a lot like water: we want to take the path of least resistance. We are also by nature hunters and at a basic level hunters choose targets that stray away from the herd.

This doesn't mean you have to spend the rest of your social time alone and away from your friends. But it helps to realize that a big part of the answer to how to be approachable to men is to make yourself easily accessible to that attractive guy that has singled you out but is waiting for the right moment to approach you.

Making trips to the bathroom or the bar alone or just taking some time to walk the event by yourself will give men an opportunity to approach you and focus their attention on just you. That would be pretty nice, wouldn't it?

2. Male friends are poison in dating situations:

It is a strange paradox, but a man that is with an attractive woman makes him more attractive to other women, but a woman with another man may as well be invisible to prospective men.

If you have male friends that you spend your social time with, they are making you unapproachable when it comes to other men.

It doesn't matter whether it's your brother, your boss or your best friend, if you are out in social settings with another man, you are lowering your odds of meeting the right man to slim to none.

Once again, think of the primal nature of men as hunters. It is wired into us not to hunt on another man's claim. And we don't know the nature of the relationship. And on a modern level, most men aren't looking to be punched for hitting on another man's woman.

Is your best friend a man? If you are in this situation, he is secretly in love with you but says nothing because he is afraid of being rejected by you.

I know you think I'm kidding but it's true.

A man that is your best friend will actively send signals to other men when you are out to keep them from approaching you. In doing so, he is hoping that you will see the man who is right in front of you, him.

He is shooting for the deserted island effect, where he is the only dating option as if the two of you were stranded , shipwrecked on a deserted island. Because he is afraid of rejection he is trying to subtly steer things toward his desired outcome.

Again, I am not suggesting that to find Mr. Right you need to abandon every male friend you have, but if you are wanting to know how to be more approachable to men, you should at least know how you are perceived by them when you are in a social setting with another man (or men).

3. Be aware of your "look", how do you appear to others in a social setting:

How your neutral, natural look is perceived as you go about your day can have a big effect on your approachability.

A great many people have a neutral look that can be perceived as happy. But just as many people have a neutral look that comes across as upset or even angry. It has nothing to do with personality. It is just the perception that is created by appearance.

If you want to know how to be approachable to men, you will need to be aware of your neutral look. If you have a neutral look that comes off as upset or angry, you will need to go out of your way to compensate for this misplaced perception.

I see this perceived angry look A LOT when encountering women that are extremely attractive. If you start a friendly conversation with this type of woman, the perceived anger often melts away as communication gives them the opportunity to shift out of their neutral look and let their true personality glow through. But until that happens these women often seem unapproachable.

Especially the knockouts. If they have the looks combined with the "look", the combination can be too intimidating for most men, for whom fear of rejection is often their biggest fear.

As a result extremely attractive women are often not meeting enough quality men because many men will put themselves "out of the race" so to speak, when dealing with knockouts. on a scale of 1-10 in terms of beauty, the 7's are probably the most approached. The 8's 9's and 10's will often not meet enough quality men because many of these men will "price themselves out" of the high end market.

So it is in a woman's best interest to learn how to be approachable to men by understanding how men will view them. They can then take steps to open up avenues of approachability with men they would like to meet.

4. Smile at everyone you meet and laugh often:

This is good advice for everyone, but extremely useful for the extremely attractive ladies and the one's with the perceived "negative neutral look". By being friendly you are giving the men you are interested the "green light" to approach you, which will overcome the uncertainty caused by his fear of rejection.

And by taking the time to go out of your way to be friendly to everyone, you will meet many new and great people beyond dating considerations and put a "friendly aura" around yourself that is extremely attractive.

This has been a very long article but we have really just scratched the surface of how to be approachable to men.

After becoming "approachable", you may also want to learn techniques that will aid you in keeping him interested.

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