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How To Get A Girl To Like You
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How to Get A Girl to Like You

We tend to feel attraction towards certain girls. Normally, most guys desire to attract a certain girl. They feel certain emotions for that specific girl.

Sometimes they become desperate to get that specific girl and they wonder at the question, “How to get a girl you to like you?”

As a man, you must know that the first thing men find attractive in a woman is ‘her Look’. While a woman feels certain emotions for a man is not based on how he looks.

Primarily, a woman is attracted to a man based on his personality. As a man, this is a good point for you. However, you can’t change your look but you can change you personality.

You can get a girl to like you, and for this you need to make her feels that she has to do something to earn you.

For this reason, you must have a mindset of the alpha male. You need to show her that your value is higher than her. And the most important thing is that you should not appear as needy.

So what will be your attitude when you try to make that specific girl to like you?

The best attitude is that you should not want her to like you. In other words, if you get her to like you, then that is awesome. But if she doesn’t like you, then you will still have opportunities to meet dozens of other girls who are equally awesome.

So the key point is that you should not try to chase a girl. Instead, you should make her want to chase you to earn you. You can do it if you develop certain personality to trigger her attraction buttons.

Increase your social network and become more social. Make more female friends. If you do that, you will eliminate your neediness.

If it seems that another girl is willing to take date with you then you should go ahead and take the advantage. Make it obvious that you are taking her on a casual date. Until you have a girlfriend or wife, you can and should date with multiple women.

If you have plenty of women in your life, you will become a hotter man for women. Some dating gurus called it ‘Social Proof’.

When a woman sees that you have other women around you, then she feels that you are good enough for then. And it would be a good idea for her to be with you.

Other women have already proofed that you are worth enough for them, so you would be good for her, too. Do you have 'Social Proof'? If not, then you should pay attention for your 'Social Proof'. This is important to get a girl to like you.

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