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How To Hit On Women
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Want to know how to hit on women? Well, it depends on where you are. There are certain places you should never try but the overview is that you should just say hello and then see what happens. I know that sounds too easy but if she has initial interest level in you then things should go smooth.

How do you know if she has interest level in you? If she responds positively to you saying hello to her and helps you talk to her, then she does. If she doesn't, then she doesn't.

It does not get harder than that but some guys make it harder because they let their egos get in the way. "If I like her, she must like me back" is what goes through their heads and they make up all these elaborate excuses (in their own heads) as to why they're talking to the back of her left shoulder as she gives them one word answers to their thoughtful inquiries. "Oh, she's just shy they say." No, she's not interested!

Let's check out these two scenarios. Which woman is more interested?

Woman 1: Looks at you and smiles at the wedding reception, you come over and say hello and she immediately tells you what her name is and asks what your name is and then the conversation flows as she asks you questions about yourself.

Woman 2: She's a bartender at a local club that you frequent quite a bit. She knows who you are and you see her there on her off night. She doesn't even bother to say hello to you, even though she passes not more than 5 feet away from you on her way to the bathroom (we can debate her intelligence on getting future tips but that's another matter). Do you think she is someone you should approach?

When in doubt, always approach because you never know but if you're getting obvious signals like with woman 2 or you get one word answers from the woman I described at the beginning of the article, then be prepared to get out of there, and fast (or don't go there to begin with). There are women that will be interested in you but not if you waste your time on ones that aren't interested.

However, as we always say on the dating women radio show that I co-host, you could hit on her if we gave you a cool million to do it, so you have no excuses if you do think you might have a chance!

When you're looking for answers as to how to hit on women, it is also important, as I mentioned above, to understand where you are. A laid back wedding reception where you know lots of folks, a speed dating event, a dance class that you've been in for weeks, well, those are all pretty positive environments where you might get a chance to converse and really find out whether or not women are interested.

On the other hand, a loud nightclub or in line at the store are much tougher moves for hitting on women. Also, forget about cold approaching them on the street. That is, unless you like pepper spray in your eyes and a visit from the sheriff!

Remember guys, when you're looking for how to hit on women, it all begins with understanding that it all starts with her interest level in you. Women help you when they like you!

Street Talk

Joan S  

Oh, and all that time I thought they were just being friendly. They were hitting on me?

  about 1 decade ago

It all depends. You'll have to tell me the exact circumstances. However, generally, when a guy comes over and bothers to say "hello," he wants to go out with you.

  about 1 decade ago
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