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How To Keep Your Boyfriend Interested
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How do you keep him interested in you become his girlfreind is really not that difficult. I think we get scared because of past experiences. Most of us have been dumped or just had a man disappear on us. It's not fun, that is for sure, but it doesn't mean every man will do this. Still you can take preventive measures to keep him interested in you.

Think about when you first met. What was it about you that he found so exciting. One of the biggest mistakes women make is they change after they get the guy. The fun flirty girl he first met just vanishes. Guys like fun girls, so if you are going to keep him interested, you have to remain the fun girl. Leave the drama behind.

Second fatal mistake women make is trying to change him. They start making suggestions to him how to do things or what he should be doing. Some women even try to change their boyfriends style of dress. Men crave acceptance. If you try to change him, he isn't going to feel very accepted.

Whatever you do, don't mother him. That means no bed time check ins, no doing his laundry or trying to hard to please him. This is not why he chose you for a girlfriend I am sure. Men like sexy women and if you start acting like his mother, you aren't going to be very sexy to him.

If you are going to keep him interested, and you insist on doing domesticated things for him, involve him in it. If you are cooking dinner for him, make sure he is present when you are doing all the work. Don't just do it and have him over to eat. Let him see you in action, and it doesn't hurt to look sexy while doing this. I once had a man tell me I was so sexy with my hair everywhere and covered in flour. Let him participate and experience these things with you, don't do it all for him.

If you are wondering how to keep your boyfriend interested remember this. Men love to be needed. I don't mean as an emotional sounding board. They like to do things to help you, they are fixers. Let them. It makes them feel important and makes them feel like men. Let him kill the bug, change the lightbulb you can't reach, fix your dryer. Always show appreciation for these things by smiling and saying thank you.

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