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How To Know If He Loves You
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How to know he loves you is a question asked by thousands, probably millions of women. There are a lot of women out there in love that are not postitive that their partner is in love with her or not. Simple answer is you just know, but unfortuntely it's not always this simple.

The reason it's not so simple is the way our minds work as women. We analyze things to death, you know you do. We find ourselves asking our girlfriends what do you think he meant by this or that. The thing that causes us to analyze how do you know he loves you is your emotions. They often cloud our vision. He may be saying one thing and we take it to mean something entirely different because we hear what we want to hear so to speak. Let me explain with an example.

About a year ago I was involved with a man that just wouldn't step up to the plate. He said he loved me. His words were just so sweet and sincere. He was long distance. He wasn't that long distance though, maybe 2 hours tops. I so wanted his words to be true. He would write me all about our future, how he loved me etc. He rarely materialized though.

I went to my girlfriends and started getting them to analyze this thing for me. The excuses, the things we came up with are funny to me now. First on the list was he must have been hurt in a past relationship and he was cautious. The second was perhaps he was socially awkward. Of course married came up. One even suggested he stopped coming to see me because maybe he was under house arrest.

Moral of this story. We as women can make something out of nothing. If you want to know if he loves you, watch his actions, ignore his words for the most part. If this man did in fact love me, he didn't love me enough because he didn't back it with his actions.

A man in love is going to stay in touch with you. He is not going to disappear and reappear numerous times. He is going to include you in his daily life. He is going to do more than talk about the future, he is going to actually take action and make plans for it. He may invite you to go on vacations, but concert tickets etc...

How to know a man is in love is simple. It's in the way he treats you. It's in the way he makes you feel. If treats you as a priority and not an option, he may very well be in love. If you find yourself wondering or guessing where you stand, chances are he isn't there, at least not yet.

There are women who instinctively know how to inspire a man to fall in love. Do you ever wonder why a man falls in love with one woman and not another. Have you ever had a relationship end and then your ex moves on and is in bliss with another woman and you wondered why it wasn't you. Find out what it is about certain women that inspire a man to love. It may not be what you think.

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