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How To Make A Guy Like You - Learn To Flirt With Him!
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How to make a guy like you...that is an age-old question that women have wrestled with since the dawn of time. In the animal kingdom, some females strut around trying to attract the best male. And the human versions are the girls who love to flirt and do it well.

But not everyone is a natural flirt. And there are definitely some misconceptions about what flirting really is. This article will bust a few flirting myths and give you a few tips so that you too can become a master of attracting the right kind of guy.

Flirting is Not Acting Sleazy (or easy) Around Guys

Picture the woman at a bar, with a mini-skirt and low-cut shirt. She's flipping her hair and giggling at the guy next to her. She's constantly touching him and leaning in towards him. What type of image is she projecting...that's she's very open to his advances.

But your objective is to make a guy like you, not have sex with you. There is a huge difference. You do not want to be a one-night-stand. You actually want to build a relationship with this guy. You don't need to lace your conversation with sexual implications and hang all over him.

Flirting is About Making Everyone Feel Good

Real (and effective) flirting is about making everyone, regardless of gender. You are trying to make the other person feel good and be happy around you. The real point of flirting is to create a positive atmosphere with the people you are with, without any expectations of getting a date or catching the eye of the guy you like.

This is not counter-intuitive. Your goal should not be to get him to notice you; it should be to have fun. But the ironic twist is that you will attract him in the process!

Keep Flirting Fun by Being Relaxed and Fun-Loving

What's a positive attitude-killer? Over-thinking the situation by adding pressure on yourself.

-Am I trying too hard?

-Can he tell that I'm trying too hard?

-OMG!!! I can't believe I just said that! I've ruined any chance of making him like me!

Really? That's way too much negative inner-chatter going on in your head and not enough focus on the person you are with. Yes, you will make mistakes. Yes, you will say the wrong thing. And maybe you won't be successful.

Why pressure yourself and act like your life depended on it? It doesn't work that way!

When you put this much pressure on yourself, it just defeats the purpose of flirting. We want to keep it playful, fun and relaxed. You can't be relaxed when you are driving yourself mad with negative thoughts.

So do yourself a favor and just keep your ears peeled to the conversation. That's the best way to keep the fun going. Remember, your goal is to make him like you and guys like girls who are are fun.

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Thanks Alex...Flirting can go a long way.

  about 7 years ago
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