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How To Make Him Love Me – 5 Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You
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How to Make Him Love Me – 5 Tips to Make Him Fall In Love With You

You’re really into this guy and you’re wondering “how to make him love me and make sure he’s into me too.” Well, let’s just assume that your gut feeling tells you that he likes you too. Now like and love are two different things but hey, you have to start somewhere. If you want him to fall in love with you, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Be his friend

If you’re wondering “how to make him love me,” you first need to be his friend. If you’re his friend then it means that he trusts you and trust is essential in a relationship. Being friends means understanding, honesty, openness, and acceptance and these are all essential if you want to have a long-lasting relationship. You can grow this friendship while you’re dating since friendship often comes naturally but just make sure that you let it grow into something more.

2. Be interested and interesting

You don’t have to pretend that you like every thing that he does. You’re allowed to have your own interests and hobbies. But when he’s talking about sports and what he likes to do, don’t act bored. At least make the effort to be interested in the things he likes. Also, you need to be interesting which means you have to have your own life and your own likes. If you agree to just everything he says or everything he likes then you’re going to look desperate and pathetic.

3. Don’t be easy to get

Playing hard to get is a good idea but don’t overdo it. You don’t want him to think that winning your affections is impossible. But you do want to give him a challenge so you can’t just be available to go out with him all the time. Remember, you want to be interesting and have your own life and that means your world doesn’t revolve around him. If you’re a challenge to him then winning you over is so much sweeter.

4. Be the cool girl

If you want him to love you and spend more time with you then you need to keep it cool. That means no drama and no self-centered moments when you think it’s all about you. You want to be confident but not cocky or mean. Sometimes, women think that being confident means being better than those other girls. Being confident is about being comfortable with who you are. If you’re putting other people down then you’re not confident – you’re insecure.

5. Be yourself

Still asking yourself “how to get a guy to like me and eventually make him fall in love?" Again, being yourself is also being confident. You’re not afraid to show the world who you are and you don’t waste your time worrying about what other people think of you. Everyone has their opinion and sometimes, no matter how hard you tried, you’re never going to gain everyone’s approval. If he’s really the one for you then you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not just to win his affections. He will love you for being you.

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