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How To Start Dating
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How to Start Dating

Are you at a place in your life where you want to find that special someone but don’t quite know where to start? I know that place. I was there. I would like to share three easy steps on how to get started.

First, make a list of the qualities of the type of person you would like to date. Write all things down such as if they smoke or not, their drinking habits, religious beliefs etc. When I was going through this process, it was very important for my man to have a great sense of humor, an ability to carry on an intelligent conversation and love children. In your original list you can include things like likes to ski or enjoys cooking or enjoys playing chess. Once you have your list, divide it into “Must Haves” and “Like-to-Haves.” This will give you a “date resume” to get you started.

Second, write down the list of qualities that you bring to the table. Celebrate you when you write this list. Include things like, can laugh at myself, intelligent, self-starter, responsible, happy, drama-free, etc. Also make note of other traits like smoker or non-smoker, exercise habits, hobbies, your priorities in life – such as family, job etc.

Third, decide where you would like to go about meeting someone new. There are several different ways –matchmaking services, online dating sites, meeting people through taking classes in your local area and asking friends for recommendations.

Matchmaking services can be found in your area by searching online. These organizations will usually put their clients through a background screening. They will also hand select the potential matches according to the information that was provided. This service is beneficial for busy professionals or people who are intimidated by the whole online dating process.

If you are comfortable with online dating, there are many different sites to join. Many of which are free to register. There are the large general sites, but there are many specialized dating sites. Once you have created your account, go through your photos and select several that are a good representation of you …that are recent! Keep them less than 1 year old if possible. Also keep in mind, if you have said that you enjoy hiking, include a picture of you on the trail or on top of a mountain. If you are adventurous, include a pic of you on the zip line or sky diving. Also make sure you have a good picture that shows your beautiful face and smile. Good photos will increase your profile views.

If you decide that online dating isn’t your cup of tea, take a look in your local area for different Meet-Up groups, or other groups of interest where you can get out and meet a new circle of friends. Some suggestions are a wine tasting class, a swing dancing or ballroom dancing class or even some elective classes at the local community college. You can also get involved with volunteering through a local church or non-profit organization.

Dating can be a lot of fun – you just have to get started. There is a lot of Dating Survival Info out there!

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