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How To Understand Men – 4 Guidelines For Women
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How to Understand Men – 4 Guidelines for Women

Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to understand men? You think he’s into you but then he goes after another chick. He breaks up with you even though things in your relationship aren’t that bad. You spend a lot of time trying to figure what he really wants.

They say that women are mysterious creatures but that’s not entirely true. Men can be just as hard to figure out. If you want to know how to understand men then here are a few guidelines every woman should know.

Men are visual creatures

“What is it with men and directions?” This is a phrase you often hear. You need to understand that men are more visually-driven which means that they would rather read and understand the map rather than hear the directions. They would rather see the problem in order to fix it so if they don’t see anything wrong in your relationship, then he might assume all is well.

Also, if he checks out other women, don’t be too offended. He might be more inclined to look at something visually attractive – like a skinny girl in a mini-skirt – but it doesn’t mean he’s going to drop you to sleep with her. These are just harmless small glances and it won’t indicate that your relationship is doomed.

Men crave compliments

Men do like to receive compliments but unlike women, they rarely get them. If you want to stand out from the other women or if you want to make it up to your man then you can start by giving him compliments. It’s not difficult to say “you look good in that shirt” or “your workout really paid off – you look great!”

You don’t have to go all out because a quick compliment can do wonders. If he’s mad at you then you can soften his heart a bit by telling him something he wants to hear and make him feel good about himself.

Men do listen – they just don’t value conversation like you do

Remember when you were a little girl and like to share secrets with your best friend? The thing is, women build strong bonds over conversations. Sharing secrets, discussing problems, talking things out are a woman’s forte. Men, on the other hand, would bond over activities. They would watch Superbowl, play sports, hang out and play pool, play poker, etc.

Don’t be angry and complain that he never listens to you. He does, but you have to do your part and give it to him straight and say it in a way that won’t leave him guessing. Tell him that you really need to talk about this and that it would mean a lot to you if he just listen closely. If he really cares about you, he will listen.

Men want to be needed

You may see a lot of over confident women who belittle their men and act like they’re superior. Well, if you want your man to stay with you, then don’t do that. You may think it’s hot when a woman goes all dominant and high and mighty but the truth is, men want to be the heroes and they don’t want to be belittled or talked down to.

How to understand men? Remember that men want to be needed and wants to feel more like a man. If you keep putting him down then don’t be surprised if he one day gets up and leaves. He wants to be with someone who appreciates him so if you want to keep him, then you need to start making him feel like he’s a hero and that you need him.

Still struggling on how to understand men? Well, let's just put it this way, men aren't complicated at all they just function differently from women. To best understand men and get your message across, don't get scared to just tell them how you feel.

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