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How To Understand Men In Relationships
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How to Understand Men In Relationships

Understanding men in a relationship is not as simple as you might think! Though men are more driven by their needs and desires, they do have their own brand of intricacies and requirements to feel good in a relationship. Men are not all just food and sex!

1: Some men don't like talking

Men wonder, how can women talk so much? While women wonder, why don't men talk more? The truth is, men do like talking, but they prefer talking about subjects that they are passionate about. Things that carry less importance are still heard, but they filter it through their brains and out their ears for the most part. Gossip and chatter are unlikely to interest a man who is driven and focused on his goals.

2: Men are territorial

Call it instinct but all men are hardwired to defend their 'territory'. Men hate it when their girlfriends talk to other guys. They view this as a challenge to their dominance and manhood. Given today's society, men are unlikely to respond with aggression, but they will exhibit and display their unhappiness . If you have a boyfriend AND have close guy friends, prepare to distance yourself from one or the other. They should understand that it is just nature and they have to back off. Don't ever hang out with them on the sly, if your boyfriend finds out... you'll be headed for the door faster than you can say sorry!

3: Men need to be in charge

Again being in charge is sort of a primal instinct in a man. Men need to be in charge of their lives to feel manly. Though it does matter which aspect of his life he has control of, a man is usually most happy when he can dictate the flow of things going on in his world. Being in charge stokes his ego and raises his confidence. And confidence is what makes men attractive don't you agree?

4: Men are touchy

Men love physical contact. It releases a flood of hormones in the brain and makes them feel happy. If you and your man are in a long term relationship, expect him to touch you a lot! Though there will be times a man might need to talk, a man who is familiar and comfortable with you will usually turn alone time into a steamy cuddling and make out session.

5: Men will obsess over body parts

Men have all sorts of weird obsessions and fetishes. Different men like different parts of a woman's body. Some prefer the hair, some go for eyes. Some men love large chests, while others drool at the sight of killer legs or painted toenails. A guy could have a liking for a any random part of a girl and he won't even know why. Indulge him, because he is wired in his 'man-brain' and he doesn't know why himself! The next time he compliments a certain part of your body, don't feel creeped out! Instead, smile and promise him he'll get to see more of it in the future. He will love you for it [:

6: Men don't mind feeling owned

'He's all mine!' Men seem to love to hear those words though they are commitment-phobic. Wondering why? Well, men don't mind being owned by their women, especially if they are in a long term relationship. They DO mind having their freedoms taken away, and that is where the odd paradox arises. A man will not mind being all yours, as long as he is free to pursue his own dreams and goals.

7: Men want to feel appreciated

Men want and need to know that their partners are grateful and happy to be with them. It makes them feel both loved and manly. Once in a while, tell him how much he means to you, how happy you are with him and how lucky you are to have him by your side. It may be a few simple words, but the impact of those words are great. If you want to go the extra mile, try giving him breakfast in bed or taking him out to dinner once in a while. It'll show you really love having him around and it'll make him love you all the more [:

8: Men like maintaining the relationship

What's this? Doesn't everyone want to maintain a relationship that is going well? The difference with this is that men want the relationship to stay the way it was when you first met him. You used to dress to impress and would talk to him in a playful and seductive way. A man will accept that once in a relationship, there will be less of such things but he does want it not to disappear entirely. Dress up for a date once in a while and show him that you still have your womanly charms and are not going to get complacent just because he is yours. Putting in the effort to look good will make him feel that you care.

9: Men like to be included

The next time you're heading out with your friends, include him in. Or maybe you're planning a surprise for your parents birthday. Give him a heads up and ask for his opinion and input. Men like to feel involved in your life and to be considered by you when you make decisions. Value his opinions and ideas and make him feel manly. This will feed his ego a little and make him feel more confident and sure about himself. And women love confidence right? ;]

10: Men want commitment

Men who are over the dating and playing phase, are stable and looking to settle down want commitment. They may not want to jump headlong into marriage just yet, but they do want their women to be fully committed to them and the relationship. If you have a man who has a set of good values, he will never cheat on you as long as you continue to care, nurture and support him in his dreams and goals. Men need to know that their women are behind them all the way and are willing to stick with them through thick or thin.

Understanding men is not all that difficult. All it takes is some time and the willingness to listen and learn what he wants in a relationship. How to get him is a whole different story. Men are initially attracted to looks, but it is what you can bring to the table that will ultimately make him stay.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article!

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