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How To Woo A Woman
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How to Woo A Woman

No one wants to be rejected by someone especially when it comes to dating life. If you are wondering how to woo a woman, you are still in confusion whether she likes you or not. It is a common problem of men that they fear to woo a woman. Well, women are not so much complicated that you can’t understand them. They are just driven by emotions. That’s why sometime they do exact opposite of what they say.

So you want to know how to woo a woman. You need to apply below tips and your problem will be solved.

Tip #1. Show interest in her but do not put her on a pedestal -

This is the fundamental of attraction chemistry. If you want to woo a woman, you must show interest in her. But if you show her that you are overly interested in her then she will feel less attraction for you. This is really a big turn off for her. So avoid giving her too much attention.

You should also keep yourself a little mysterious and she will keep interest in you to find out your mysteries.

Tip #2. Do not give her the leadership spot -

Normally an average woman does not want to be the girlfriend of a guy whose value is lower than hers. If you are giving the leadership spot to her, then it perceives that your value is lower than hers. Women are attracted to men’s leadership qualities. Women are physically weaker sex, that’s why they are attracted to leaders.

Well, if you can’t be a leader, then at least you should not give her the leader spot of the relationship. Never ask where she wants to go for dinner or what she wants to eat. Instead, make assertive commandments and then ask for her opinions. For an example, if both of you want to go out to have a dinner then you should say, “Hotel XYZ is really great. We shall go there for a dinner. Do you want to go somewhere else?”

Remember that you should take the decision first, thereafter ask for her opinion. Never ask her to take the decision.

Tip #3. Do practice to be funny and use your humor -

Women are more attracted toward a funny guy rather than a boring one. All men and women want laughing. So if you are making a woman laugh, you are reaching nearer to her heart. But it doesn’t mean that you should play a role of a stand-up comedian to make her laugh. Be humorous and never make jokes about yourself. If you do all of these, wooing a woman will not be hard for you. All public places are the best places to woo a woman, and the best time to woo a woman is the time when you just made her laugh. Good luck.

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