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Im Dating A Great Girl – How Do I Make It Last?
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You're dating a great girl. She's everything you could have hoped for and you didn't even find her until after you had given up on any sort of lasting relationship at all. You've loved another girl in the past and things ended with you getting your heart broken in a really big way. YOu don't want to go through that again with this girl. How do you make it last this time when nothing you did seemed to be enough the last time around? Is there something you can start doing now that will make this relationship last when the other one failed so miserably?

While there are no guarantees when it comes to love and relationships there are things you can do that will strengthen your relationship and greatly reduce the odds of this one ending in heartbreak for both of you. Some of these might seem simple to do while others are going to be a little counter-intuitive. Follow this advice though and you'll be well on your way to having the happy and healthy relationship you've always dreamed of sharing with the girl you love.

If you've had a broken heart in the past, chances are you know a thing or two about what doesn't work in relationships. You've seen the carnage of careless words, thoughtless actions, and of simply not paying proper attention to your girlfriend. Now it's time to turn you on to a thing or two that does work for most relationships and can help you enjoy a longer and stronger bond with this girl than you've enjoyed with others in the past. When you know the mistakes to avoid that's great but learning the right steps to take can make an even bigger difference to your future happiness and your ability to save your relationship is things start to go downhill.

Here are just a few important points you'll want to keep in mind so you can make your relationship work this time around.

Be Attentive

She needs to know that you are in her corner. You don't have to smother her with attention but let her know that you noticed her new hair style. Compliment her when she goes all out to make a great meal. Acknowledge the little things she does that impress you and make you happy. Then, watch how they make her glow.

Make Plans for Tomorrow

It's important to live in the moment in relationships. That's very true. But, it's also important to make plans for the future together. She needs to be included in those plans and she needs to see that she's part of them. It's a little thing to you but a huge deal to her.

These are just two small things that will make your relationship healthier than any other you've ever had. These things could even, if you were so inclined, help you get your ex back. More importantly, they will help you in all future relationships by keeping her happy and feeling like she is important in your eyes.

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