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Is He The Wrong Guy?
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Is He the Wrong Guy?

How can you tell if he is the wrong guy for you? If you're dating a man and you're not sure whether he is right for you or even if he should be around you, fret not! Here are 7 things that the wrong guy for ANY girl will display!

1: He is unconfident in himself

Confidence in a man is attractive. It usually signifies a form of success in some aspect of his life, be it financially, socially, physically or emotionally. A timid boyfriend who is constantly seeking approval is going to reduce your social standing among your peers and colleagues. Drop him fast!

2: He is poor at communicating

Communication in a relationship is vitally important. It is how we get ideas, information, thoughts and feelings across to others. A man's intelligence and social upbringing will reflect on how well he can communicate and how much he can communicate. If he can't communicate well, you should know it immediately. Conflicts, misunderstandings and generally, the relationship should already be on the rocks!

3: He is disrespectful

A real man respects the people around him and most of all, his girl. If he shows signs of disrespect to others while dating you, chances are when you get together with him, he will exhibit the same disrespectfulness to you. Don't ignore this huge warning sign! A man like this will only reduce your value and kill your social value.

4: He has a lousy sense of humour

The ability to make a woman laugh is a trait that is highly sought after by men. Laughter is attractive, and a man with a good sense of humour is doubly so. A bad sense of humour however is going to have you rolling your eyes and wondering how on earth he could have made the connection to such a topic. He will likely embarrass you in front of your peers and his and bring down your social value.

5: He is bad mannered

Good grief, cant he speak with even a little humility? He works at a restaurant in the day but is horrendously rude to the waiter when he is on a date with you. His speech is that of a peacock attempting to impress it's mate. Wake up dude! She may be a 'chick' but she ain't no bird! Lack of manners reeks of poor upbringing and low social skills. If he flies into a rage or has a bad mood, he'll treat you the same way he treats people who don't matter to him. Be warned!

6: He has little to no values

He is confident, some even say arrogant. But he has no personal values. He seems to care only about himself and puts his needs and wants before the community, sometimes his peers, parents and you. If this is the man you're dating, leave him fast. Abuse and hurt WILL follow if you choose to stay!

7: Trust your instincts

A woman's gut feelings about a guy are usually right. If you've had a few dates to get to know him and he is not making you drool over his physique, you should have a general feeling about how he will be like towards you and yours. If you've done your homework and become a 'Complete Cathy', you will definitely pick up on whether he will be good boyfriend material regardless of his looks, suave, charm or confidence. Listen to your gut and not your hormones!

Sit back, think through the relationship and ask yourself 'Is he the wrong guy for me?'

If your man has ANY of these characteristics, he is already not looking very good. If he has two or more, drop him fast before he can damage your reputation, emotional or physical well being. Watch out for yourself! Learn how to spot the signs. Meet the right man and you will be well on your way to a happy and fulfilling relationship.

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