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Learn How To Get A Girl To Like You
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Learn How to Get A Girl to Like You

It's a strange phenomenon that guys are wrapped with worry when it comes to dating women and trying to learn how to get a girl to like you! What is it inside all males that make us question and torture ourselves over communicating with the opposite sex?

The truth is that getting a girl to like you is actually not that difficult at all and there is no reason to over think the process. In the next couple of minutes I’m going to teach you a couple of things you can do to kick start your re-education to chatting up girls by detailing two problems to which I find guys struggling to work around when left to their own natural devices.

1) Avoiding Awkward Silences

We’ve all been there before when conversation is flying and things seem to be going great but then that moment comes whereby you’ve run out of thing to say. In a flash all of the hard work you had put into building up your rapport with a girl to the point it’s at now is suddenly slipping out of you fingers and your nervousness is beginning to show.

What do you do? How can you fill this period of intense awkwardness?

You immediately dig into your toolbox for moments like this and pull out a sure fire winner of a game designed to spark fun, laughter and excitement between you and your target.

Through playing a game of FMK (Fuck, Marry or Kill!?) you can exhale any tension from the conversation and move your chat into a new frontier of sexual frontiers which seconds ago when you were beginning to panic you could have only but imagined!

Avoiding awkward silences playing FMK will also tell you a lot about the girl you are chatting to. Pick different personas out from the room around you and ask the question with a cheeky smile on your face. Within a few minutes you’ll suddenly have been given an insight into the sexual preferences of your target that would have never been achievable if asking outright. Does she prefer the businessman, grunge types or science geeks?

Play the game. Tease her with her selections. You’ve now built banter and rapport that you can use throughout the rest of the night also!

2) Knowing When and How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time

If you’ve ever been that guy that has gone in for that first smooch but have instead of her lips ended up at her cheek then you’ll appreciate the embarrassment and dejectedness you feel thereafter. The way to avoid this rejection is to work on building up on how to kiss a girl throughout the night by using subconscious trigger techniques.

Have you heard of triangular gazing before? It’s the process by which through moving your gaze in a triangular movement as you converse through the evening – starting at each of the girls eyes and then her mouth thereafter – you target will begin to respond by mirroring you.

Mirroring is a natural occurrence, which we all perform naturally when communicating with a conversation leader. Subliminally it creates bonds quickly and tunes people into thinking that you and they are alike.

Keep an eye out for it when you next have an in-depth conversation with someone. You’ll see what I mean!

In any case – through triangular gazing off the back of our knowledge or mirroring you will find that over the course of doing so the girl will respond back. And guess what? The more she looks at your lips then more open she is becoming to the idea of kissing you.

For sure you’ll know when the time is right but you may even find her darting in for the kill herself. Not being needy and forcefully advancing things too fast do wonders for her attraction to you. You exude confidence!

Are you suitably in awe yet over the simplicity of the best techniques on how to get a girl? Stop banging your head against the wall and start reading around the subject some more. Knowledge is power and there’s enough of it out there to divulge in. So get to it!

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