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Women are tricky, they are some of the most complicated and hard to understand beings on the planet. They say they want a nice guy, somebody who is sweet, caring, and compassionate, yet they consistently go for men who are the complete opposite. Hard to understand right? Well let me attempt to shed some light on the subject.

First let me start by saying that in earlier posts I have talked about being nice and sweet to women in order to meet and start conversations with them. I still stand by those methods as they are absolutely tried and true. What I am saying here is that once you're in a relationship or steadily dating a woman you have to switch it up and never and again the key is to know when to put away Mr. Nice Guy and when to play the more hardened role. You see, women want a man to take control. They don't want to have to be the one always making the decisions and they definitely don't want to be with a guy who is always seeking approval. Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and tell them how it is. Women need a man to show his assertive side and not just when it comes to deciding what's for dinner.

Every now and then women want to be told what to do and how to do it. This goes for everything from what's for breakfast to even the more intimate bedroom behavior. Try this out next time you have a date planned. Don't even tell her what's going on, just tell her what to wear and when to be ready. Make all the decisions and all the arrangements, even order for her when you guys are out to eat that evening. If you really want to make an impact and create a lasting impression that she will likely never forget and ultimately tell her friends about then definitely follow the advice in the next paragraph.

For the finale, when you make it back to the bedroom take complete control. Tell her what to do, if you want her to slowly undress then instead of just hoping that she will actually take charge and tell her to. If you would prefer her to do a sensual striptease for you, don't hope it happens, tell her to make it happen. You must be sure to have assertiveness in your voice, whatever you do don't come off as coy or sounding like you are asking her. Tell her what you want and you are almost guaranteed to receive it.

By no means am I suggesting you force yourself on a woman. I would never condone such hideous behavior. All I am suggesting is that you take the assertive role every once in a while. Be assertive in everything you do for that date and she will surely appreciate it, be turned on by it, and most of all reward you for it. Follow these simple tips and advice and you will surely see results.

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