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Q&a Dating Questions
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Q&a Dating Questions

A lot of my guy friends always ask me about dating advice whenever they are taking a girl they really like on a date or just advice on their relationships. All the questions they have asked me I wrote on a piece of paper, and all together I have ten questions. Here is question number one.

Q 1. What should I wear on a first date?

A. Just be you, you don't have to over think it, she said yes to going out on a date with you for a reason, and that's because she digs your style and who you are, so just be you; no need to wear a tuxedo.

Q 2. How much money should I take with me?

A. You should know exactly where you are taking her, if you are taking her to movie then you should know the amount of money to take. If your butt is cheap and you're taking her to Mcdonalds then you should carry 25.00$ on you. Know where you are taking her to know the amount of money you need.

Q 3. What do I talk to her about when we are sitting down, I don't wanna be boring and not say anything?

A. If you really wanna know this chick and you are really feeling her then you should already know what to ask her, start the conversation off by saying "You look nice" then take it from there.

Q 4. I want to ask a girl out but she is so pretty and talented, i'm afraid to make a fool out of myself what do I do?

A. Just talk to her, it's very simple, if you stumble on your words then she'll think it's cute as hell, what's the worst she can do? This girl probably really likes you also,and she's probably just as nervous as you are to go up and talk to you, all she wants you to do is talk to her, trust me!! Personal expierience. Just go up and talk to her, don't worry about making a fool outta yourself, it'll just make her adore you even more.

Q 5. How would I impress this girl on a first date, you know the ladies love it when you can do amazing stuff??

A. First of all, don't try and impress her, because 90% of the time you'll end up making a fool of yourself if you try. Just let it flow, and if something happens to come up when you can impress her, then just do it, but never force a situation to happen if you want to impress her, she'll just not want to date you again.

Q 6. My girlfriend hasn't been acting like herself lately, I've tried holding her but that doesn't work, what should I do?

A. Well, she's probably on her period (the most logical answer) don't bother us when we are on our period unless you wanna get slapped. To be honest something is probably on her mind. The best thing you can do besides hold her is just listen to her. Every girl loves a man who can listen. Who knows you might get laid afterwards for being such a great listener.

Q 7. How do I tell my girl I love her?

A. Aha the time when you are ready to make that big step. Well first of all you should be 1,000 percent sure you really love this girl, because once you say it, things will slightly change. You shouldn't think about if you love her, you should be completely sure, but if you are 1,000 percent sure you love her then you just go up to her and stare in her eyes and make her feel wanted and tell her you love her.

Q 8. I've asked this girl out 4 freaking times, and she always says no, why?

A. Well because you are being to pushy, or she just isnt interested, and you've pretty much ruined your chance with her because you are annoying her by asking her out so many times, so um.....go get help and stop annoying her.

Q 9. If I wanted to, ya know, "do the nasty" with my girl, what must i say to turn the mood?

A. Definatley whisper in her ear, if you speak another language then BINGO!!! That'll definatley set the mood if you whispered something sexy in her ear in another language, well if you speak german or chinese then I recommend not doing that because those are weird languages. You could also just go all out and start kissing her randomly against a wall BOOM!! Thank me later.

Q 10. How do I respect this girl I really like?

A. Good question, there are plenty of ways to respect that special someone you really like, weather if it's just opening her car door or complimenting her on a regular. The best way to respect her is just telling her, that way she know's you're a keeper,she may even shed a tear if she is a softy haha.

Well there goes ten questions that my friends have actually asked me. I hope that all the guys who read this will get some sense and actually take this advice that they just read and actually use it next time they wanna talk to a girl or ask a girl out.

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