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Real Social Dynamics Hot Seat - My Review
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I was sitting around my house a couple of weeks ago when I got a call from my buddy. He called me up to invite me to attend a "hot seat". I didn't really know what a hotseat was so I asked him and he filled me in.

Basically, we would be able to go watch "undercover footage" of guys who are really good with women "pick up" women at bars and clubs. I had been pretty much stuck in my dating life at that point, I painted myself into a corner mentally with a bunch of excuses which helped me to stay stuck. Ultimately, I decided to go and see what these guys were like.

The hot seat started at 2pm and went until about midnight with a one hour break for dinner. During the hot seat we watched hours and hours of footage. It was pretty cool to see how these guys intereated with women. I've never had friends that could routinely pick up women or if they did pick them up then I was never there to see it. Some of the stuff they did was crazy like literally picking women up off the ground and carrying them to another room at a bar, and the women were loving it!

One thing I didn't expect Tyler Durden to talk about was rejection. He covered it quite a bit. I've always been afraid of rejection and that has really limited my dating life. I hate getting shut down. Tyler made it seem fun and didn't take it personally it was amazing to see his point of view on rejection.

Two things he said was that (1) he treats the world like his little pickup laboratory where he can experiment and have fun. (2) he goes in with the expectation of women liking him. He's not looking for a reaction from the woman, but he is just doing what he feels like doing. This varies greatly from a company like Love Systems which recommends memorizing "routines" when you first start out.

Another really powerful thing was watching him get rejected. He showed footage of himself getting rejected. He woould keep approaching women and he would do better and better with each subsequent woman. The even crazier thing is that each subsequent woman was more attractive than the previous one. He says the rejections by the less attractive women are what enable him to get the hot chick at the end of the night. I've never heard of anyone talk about rejection in that way and prove it to be a positive thing.

Even though I had a great time and learned a lot I'm still not sure if I will be able to do anything with it. At the end of the day it's still up to me to do the approach and if I don't approach and converse with women then everything else is moot. However, the hotseat did give me hope and it did shift me and cause me to go out instead of staying at home, so I guess that's a step in the right direction. Now I just need to start talking with women. Hopefully, if I go out enough that will I eventually start feeling comfortable and start talking to women.

I would recommend you check it out. I think if you already approach and talk to women on a regular basis it could really help you polish your "game". If you're in the process of gettin unstuck it can provide you some new data points to analyze and help you get out of the corner you have painted yourself into.

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