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Sexting- Flirting With Text Messaging
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Sexting is a term widely becoming known as flirting with text messages. This new dating tool is rapidly taking the dating world by swarm. Sexting has evolved in the last few years as can be proven in the search engines and the media.

In 2005 Sexting was something common among teenagers. There was a lot of controversy with this topic. New laws had to be put in place regarding child pornography. If you googled this term up to about a year ago, that was the only information to be had on Sexting. Texting wasn't even around then, let alone sexting or flirting with text messages.

6 months ago had you done a search on Sexting, Wikipedia would not have even shown up. Now if you google it, Wikipedia is in first place with the history of sexting. The definition of it does not include flirting with text messages or it's us as a dating tool, but you can bet it will.

The cell phone carriers are even taking advantage of texting to be about flirting with text and dating. Have you seen the commercial with the 2 guys in the ski lift. The guy on the right is texting the guy on the lefts ex girlfriend and securing a date. The messages are going instantly and he has a date in about 20 seconds. It ends with the guy on the left throwing his friend's phone off the ski lift.

Google sexting now and starting on page two, the results are about flriting with text messages. There are blogs, websites and now guides you can purchase about the texting and online game. It's generally geared towards men, but the woman aren't far behind. They are fast learning they have to be able to keep up when it comes to texting.

The fact of the matter is this. Sexting or Flirting with text messages is a great dating tool. If you use some good techniques you can escalate your love life to much higher levels. It can build and enhance attraction if used the right way.

I have had some skilled guys text me, they could have me about to dye to see me. I have also had those guys that bored me to tears. If you aren't using texting as sexting, you may get left behind. Allmost all women text and they expect men to know how to use this means of communication. I roll my eyes when a man tells me he doesn't text. I think he must be an antique or something and I am immediately disappointed. if you aren't sending flirty text messages, you are missing the boat.

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