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Should I Text Him After A Date
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Oh the rules of dating. They are so confusing. If you just went on a date with a guy and had a great time, chances are good you want him to know. What better way to tell him than to text him. It seems like the polite thing to do right?

First I hope that you told him at the end of the date that you had a great time. It's very effective delivered in person and with a smile I might add. If you already told him on the date, you really shouldn't be worried about if you should text him and tell him again. Once really is enough. By texting him again and repeating yourself, it's really you trying to control the outcome. It's you trying to get him to reply to possibly validate you. Don't worry so much about this, we all do it.

The thing is, it's best to wait and let him initiate. If you start this out by initiating, you won't ever really know if he is into you or not. Let him be the one to put himself out on the limb and text you. If you already told him on the date, he may see you as a bit on the desperate side. This isn't the way you want this new guy to view you. You want to be seen as waiving the "I am available flag".

I know if you text him and he replies, it will make you feel good. That's all fine and well, but think about this. What if he texts you first after the date? This will make you feel even better. This way you can gauge his interest level. If you text him first, you won't know his level of interest. He will however be completely clear as to your level of interest. Thus making you on the easy side. Men value what they work hardest for by the way. Don't be easy to him, go for a bit hard to get.

If days go by and you still haven't heard from him after the date you may be wondering all over again, should I text him. Again, no you should not. A man that needs reminding that you are alive is probably not the man for you. You are the prize and if he doesn't see it, there is no need for you to text him to remind him.

There are ways to text him and ways not to text him. When texting guys, it's critical to know the rules of texting and how your texting habits can make or break your dating life.

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