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Should You Get Back With Ex Boyfriend?
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Should you get back with ex boyfriend?

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration before jumping back into a relationship that has been recently broken off. Let’s look into some of the reasons you should or should not get back with ex boyfriend.

If you broke it off with him or he broke up with you, it really doesn’t matter. What really matters is the fact that there was a reason for your break up.

Did he cheat on you?

If so, what makes you think that he will be faithful to you now? What is going to happen the next time he meets another pretty girl? Can he keep his pants on?

Did he lie to you?

Does he lie a lot? To you catch him in lies in which he later denies ever occurring? Guys like this are not trustworthy. I don’t think you can build a healthy relationship with someone like this.

Does he LOVE you?

Does he really love you? Or does he just say those three words with no meaning behind them? You should be able to tell by the way he acts around you and the way he used to act around you.

ONE THING I KNOW ABOUT GUYS is….. They don’t change their ways very often…. I would say about 1% of men who want to change actually do. I know this because I AM a guy. I have seen thousands of guys in my lifetime claim that they can change…. I say BULL S***T! Don’t waste your time on a cheater, liar, or someone who can’t show you he loves you at least occasionally.

Do you LOVE him?

Be careful with this one! Just because you still have feelings for him and miss him does not automatically mean that you should go back to him. My mother in law is in jail right now because she loved this guy so much that he would leave her crying with no place to go and would call her a few days later and she would go back to him just because she loved him… Not she has jail time for something that he talked her into doing…. If you do not love him, don’t waste any more of your time. If you do, them keep him in mind.

Does he LUST for you?

Does he just want you for your body? This can cause a guy to want to get back with you if he has not had a woman for a little while. His lust for you may cause him to call you or want you back. BE CAREFUL, because he can just a easily toss you out again after his urges are satisfied. Don’t allow your body be the only thing to get his attention.

Should you get back together with your ex boyfriend? There is no easy answer to this question. I wish there were, there are a few important things for you to think about before making that decision, though. If you decide to get back your love, be careful. I hate to see an innocent girl get hurt. Tips to get back your ex are available if you decide this is whats best.

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