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Signs He Is Serious About Marrying You
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Signs He Is Serious About Marrying You

A lot of women are having problems with knowing if a guy is ready to commit to her in marriage or if he is just not interested in seeing the relationship reach that point.

Due to the fact that men are not as direct as women with their emotions, they will express themselves through non-verbal cues.

It’s important that you notice these little things, because they do matter a lot and they can give you an idea of his current thoughts and beliefs about getting married.

So without further anticipation, we can dive into the 5 signs he is serious about marrying you.

#1.He brings up the topic of marriage in conversation.

This is a very obvious clue that he has been thinking about things involving marriage either consciously or unconsciously, this is a very good sign that he may be considering the idea of starting a family, or moving in together or anything that involves marriage.

He may begin by speaking on topics related to marriage like weddings and how he would dress on such a day, or he comments on the setting of a past friend’s wedding and stuff like that.

I mean if you can get him to speak on this topic without him putting up a fight, then you can definitely get him to commit.

#2.He begins to work for longer hours, so he can make more money.

This may worry you at first because you’ll probably feel that he is overworking himself, but that is what men feel they must do when they come to a new realization and want to create the best life possible for you.

Men will always feel the need to provide for their women, so when they begin to think of marriage, they will stop at nothing to make it the best choice and most enjoyable time of your life.

Thoughts about starting a family compel him to act for more money coming in; this can be a good thing because he will look for new opportunities in his life to create a stress free lifestyle for you.

#3.He wants to live together.

Living together can be a big change for men, because most men never want someone invading their personal space, they tend to look at living together as a threat to their territory.

A guy does not want to have someone around all the time; they love their freedom and solitude too much! So when a guy decides willingly that he would like to live together than you can be sure that he is looking to see if he feels comfortable having someone around, and sharing his personal space with that person.

Ultimately he is looking for a certain kind of comfort level because he wants to get used to the fact that once you get married, there will never be an alone time, so this is a very good sign he is serious about marriage.

#4.His attitude towards doing things of responsibility changes.

He will no longer be the lazy, inactive couch potato that never cleans the house or pick up the laundry. He will now find it in his heart an obligation to do these things willingly without being told.

This is him changing to a father figure and a more helpful partner.

He will have an interest in different books that discuss parenting, he will watch movies that involve being a dad and he will read books on household matters, this is him becoming more in touch with his role as a husband and leader of the house, when you notice this change you will also feel a strong sense of trust in him.

#5.He will no longer pay attention to other women, he will go out of his way to impress you.

This is a very important part of the guy changing from a wild boy to a grown man.

If you notice that he is doing things like getting you gifts and taking you out for expensive dinners, then you can be sure that he is really trying to keep you around longer so that he can tie the knot, he may feel that he will lose you at any moment so he will always keep you happy and show you that he really loves you.

This is a good sign but it can also mean a lot of other things.

Firstly by him going out and getting you gifts he is assuming that you need some sort of outside stimuli to make you understand his love and commitment but when he can’t do these things for you at some point then he will slowly start to feel that you will not look at him the same, because he cannot do those extraordinary things for you.

This is a trap men set themselves up in and if you are not aware that he is sabotaging himself, then you might see the relationship fumble because he will feel that he does not have your approval.

Now this is where you need to step in and let him know one very important thing and that is “You can see that he is trying to keep you happy and you really appreciate it, but you have always loved him for who he really is!”

I cannot stress how important it is to let him know that because most men never get that from their women and that leaves them feeling really unworthy and underappreciated, but if you just tell him those words then he will feel so relieved and joyed because you know him deep down.

If you found this information to be very helpful and maybe your having an issue with figuring out excatly what to say to him then I suggest you learn how to get him to commit.

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