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Top 10 Dating Tips For Men To Meet Women And Build Attraction
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Top 10 Dating Tips For Men To Meet Women And Build Attraction

Many guys fear to meet women to whom they are attracted. It’s a strange phenomenon in nature where two entities, that should harmonize, actually contradict each other.

After millennia of evolution, women have developed a filtering mechanism that allows them to guess which guy is right for them. Although women and their sense of intuition are extremely good at it, they’re still only guessing, and it’s all based on their perception of the confidence of the man.

On the flip side, a man’s approach mechanism when meeting women has truly devolved. The more he is attracted to a woman the less confident and more shy and withdrawn he becomes (on average).

Instead of attraction, the woman is repelled by the man's insecurities because she's looking for security (not money, good looks, etc). This is what makes the dating game so complex, when it should really be so simple.

So... what can a man do to meet women with confidence and have her attraction parallel his? These top dating tips for men may shock you.

  1. Contrary to the common perception of men, a woman’s filtering mechanism has already rejected you before you have even walked over and introduced yourself (if you continue to do what you’ve been doing). You must believe in the fact that you are confident (not pretend), and express this through your body language long before you approach her.
  2. When walking (in the presence of women), you must take wide strides, pull your shoulders down (but don’t puff out your chest) and keep them square, lift your chin up as if to look over everyone else, and walk confidently like you don’t care at all what anyone else thinks.
  3. When meeting women and interacting with her for the first time, make sure your shoulders are not squarely facing her (where your chest points directly towards her). This gives off a sense of neediness and is a major turn off for her. Keep your chest pointed away from her at an angle.
  4. When speaking with her, look at her mouth (not her eyes) when she’s talking to you. This is a subtle, psychological attraction ninja move that will instantly make her think about getting in bed with you without her knowing what you're doing. Keep your chin up and don't look down. When looking down, you're subconsciously accessing the emotional part of your brain which will make you nervous.
  5. When answering a question where she asks something about you, never end your sentence in a high-pitched voice tone (this makes it seems as though you are questioning/unsure of yourself and she will label you as insecure and not confident). Always speak in a low, solid tone, but avoid being loud and obnoxious. You need to be confident – not cocky!
  6. Do not fail a woman’s compliance tests. Compliance tests are another part of her filtering mechanism to tell whether she can get you to do whatever she wants. For example, if she asks you to do something for her (like buy her a drink), it’s always better to come off as a jerk than a wimp. Don’t comply unless you insert your own conditions. If she asks you to buy her a drink, tell her you will do so only if she does something for you (i.e. a little dance, sing that karaoke song, etc).
  7. Don’t ever offer to buy her a drink out of the blue when you've just met a woman at the bar. Her filtering mechanism will tell her that you don’t think you’re worth talking to and that you need to compensate her for talking to you with a drink. This is what most guys do, and she's honed her rejection skills this way. Don't give her the opportunity to become better at rejecting guys! You're setting yourself up to fail from the beginning. Again, it’s always better to come off as a jerk than a wimp! It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!
  8. Triangulation – This is how you tell when a girl wants to kiss you (another attraction ninja trick). When she looks you in one eye then your other eye and then your mouth and continues to go back and forth in a triangular motion, it’s a clear sign that she wants you to kiss her.
  9. Always believe that you can get any girl you want, and make sure that everyone in the vicinity believes it too. This isn’t done with words; it’s all done with body language. Don’t lie about anything; just give off a sense of self-confidence using the aforementioned techniques. If even one girl in a group then begins to believe it, the rest will conform and start to believe it and develop an interest in you as well. Conformity is part of social mammalian nature. When one zebra begins to run like hell, all the others follow without knowing of any clear and present danger. Our brains are wired to process useful information for survival very quickly even if there isn’t enough direct evidence because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Don’t ever believe women when they talk about what women want (in a man at least). What they think they want is the complete opposite of what leads to attraction or chemistry. What they think they want is someone who is sensitive, a good listener, someone who agrees with everything they want, but then why is it always the guys who treat women badly that get the really hot women? This doesn’t mean you should treat them badly, but be 100% confident in yourself that you can always get any other woman you want. If you're looking for dating advice, make sure your relationship expert is another guy and not a woman!

It’s not money, good looks, or big muscles that attract hot women. The reason wealthy, good looking men have no problems meeting women is because they have no reason not to be confident in themselves.

To meet women and attract the ones of your dreams, you just need to believe in yourself (and show it through body language) and not care what anyone else thinks.

Always keep smiling and disregard any woman's attempt to insult you (even if it's a joke) and stay focused on what you want.

She should be the one "trying" to get you attracted to her - not the other way around (even though that isn't really the way it is).

Remember, never trick a girl or play games when meeting women, don't ever come off as desperate, and train yourself to believe that you are confident; don't just pretend.

Women are very smart, but they are more inclined to use the emotional side of their brain rather than their logical side.

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