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What It Is Like To Have A Broken Heart
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What it is Like to Have A Broken Heart

When a relationship ends after months or years, it is not an easy thing to endure, because it is one of the worst feeling in the world. It's like a nuclear bomb that has explored and you are ready to blow up in pieces. The dumped person will constantly ask themselves over and over. What did I do? How could she/he do this to me? On and on they will go with questions after questions. During the days, weeks and possibly months.

Everywhere the broken heat goes he/she will continue to look at other opposite sex on the street or anywhere that they are at the very moment and mumble negative words out of ear drop. Mentally calling out the name of the person who is the cause of the painful drama. Harry! Harry! Harry!

At lunch hours there is a feeling of tiredness due to the tension that comes from the mind and body earlier. Food will be the least of his/her thoughts, since every second, minutes and hours there is an image of their lovers projected in their mind. Past memories are popping up and a smile will appears on their face then it is replaced with a sad frown rapidly.

Friends, Relatives and even strangers notice something odd about the facial expressions, body language, posture, walk and speech of the shattered heart. Sickness of the stomach results in a rush for the Great White Throne in the toilet to reign as King and Ruler for half an hour or and hour. The direct and indirect question will be asked. Hi Dude are you alright? What is the matter with you Jennifer? Has he been in an accident? How she looks so shattered? The heavyweight in the chest explodes in lacerating pain.

During the evening he/she will head straight home in a hurry to get away from everyone to be left alone with personal thoughts in private. Some may head for their favorite water hole to consume beers or any strong spirit that they fancy and share their dreadful story with the bar attendance or waitress then ask, "how could the Sweet Heart do such a horrible thing". After pouring out their soul until there no more, now left with the company of their dear drink, the mind start to jump here and there on how, why, what, where include a mental scream for help.

A pack of cigarettes will go rapidly plus more money will be spent on sources of comfort to the liking of the individual. "He will return back to me", she mumbles with hope. "I have done so much for that bitch, yet she dumped me for that no good mother down the road." The cry of, "I need another bottle of Whiskey" and possible the banging of furniture, slamming of doors include the destruction of dishes or other personal things as madness creeps in.

Communication instruments will be utilized such as Messengers via the Internet, Cell phones, emails include popular Social Media sites such as Facebook, in order to receive answers to unanswered questions, but the source that inflicted the pain which is being endured as a broken heart won't answer the phone or respond to any Message or emails and is nowhere on Face Book. "I will never love again, this is it for me." "Never, never again," proclamation and comments made. Weakness and pain in the stomach plus madness of the mind is too much to consume and worst of all the feelings of rejection and lonesomeness.

Rage, may result in external action that result in the individual showing up at the sweet heart's door. Let me in he/she will scream with a bang on the door or possible the invader spot his former love with his/her new love through the window and leave extremely depressed than when he/she arrived. The charade may even go another way such as the urge to commit murder or other destructive action. The police may be consulted and a restricted order might be employed. Do not venture within 200 feet of your ex lover says the judge.

Sleep is hard to come by as the individual rest in bed and shuts his/her eyes. Due to the demoralizing messages that are being sent to the brain, the image of their lover appears then the nightmare of name calling begin. Lorna! Lorna! Lorna! "Baby come back to me, I can't live without you." There is twisting, tossing, turning, under and out of the sheet in the bed through most of the night. The brain is so overloaded with misery that lead the mind to produce loud mental scream for help and possible a loud cry from the mouth, which make the dogs jump up and tremble nervously while the cats runs for the nearest exit. The neighbor jumps out of bed and calls the cops to report the screaming of a man being killed next door.

As the sun rise in the sky during the morning, the shattered heart lies in bed, with the mumble of Keisha, Why? Or Kenneth, how could you do this to me? I will not go to work today so I will just stay here and die.... Baby please come back to me...What did I do wrong? Around and around he/she goes with the mumbles. He/She said he loved me and I have fallen for it now out of the blue he/she is gone. My emails, text and phone calls are unanswered. What have I done to deserve this? Remember all those good times we shared together. It is difficult to eat or sleep and my whole body is in pain.

Thoughts of suicide could also be the order of the mind. Should I jump under a train or a high building or other methods that they feel comfortable with. The honorable way may be taken with a good bye world or delayed for a few days possible weeks or never to be. Some may be prepared for war with a battle ax of destructive thoughts for revenge. I will get him/her for this I swear, just wait, just wait…

Relationships are built on trust plus respect for each other. Without these two qualities it is doomed to failure and you’re dumping is not far away. Next there should be hard work and Commitment, faith, regular communication and being honest with each other. Do not employ power issue tacts such as. “Honey, If you don’t do this I am going to do that.” Best to employ compromise tacts such as. Baby, do you think it is best if we do this or that? Or “sweet heart do you think we should take into consider the alternatives? Use questions that can make it easy to encourage compromises not a statement of demands.

The inner turmoil of negative emotions and negative thoughts will continue to invade the mental process of the mind. You will continue to be suspicious and ask yourself tons of questions such as. Does he/she really love me? Is this just a ride? It's just like a roller coaster ride, up you goes and down you come. In due course all hearts will heal and you will move on with your life. However do not delay the healing process by falling in the lets be friends trap, it is best to avoid all contact and get on with life. Tomorrow is always a new day and there will be another person who will love you as long as you continue to love and take care of yourself.

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