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Why He Disappered And Stopped Calling
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It has happened to all of us. We meet a man that sparks our interest, everything seems great and then suddenly he stops calling and he disappears. We are left wondering what did we do wrong. Was it something you said? Why did he disappear?

Once a man disappears, often the women who he disappeared on feels confused. She feels he led her on. He was calling, maybe even spending time with her. In her mind he was relationship material and things were progressing. The fact usually is this. In his mind he wasn't there yet.

Men often justify this disappearing act to themselves by telling themselves they never made any promises. They were just casually dating and there was no commitments. It's easier to disappear than to face the woman and tell her the truth. He is just not into you. It's an easy way out and we can scold him all day long, but it's just the way it is.

When you are wondering why he disappeared, it could be many things. Maybe you gave him signals of neediness or acted like a girlfriend too soon. If you started calling him, asking him questions, or expecting him to justify things to you such as where he was etc..., they you were acting like a girlfriend before he was ready to have you in that role. Guys really like a challenge and if you just fell into this role, this may be why he disappeared and stopped calling.

Another thing to remember is that often men have several options. You may not be the only girl he is showing his attention to. Often men will keep you on the back burner so to speak. They call you, text you, spend time here and there with you. This is to keep you interested enough so that you will remain an option. He is just buying time and having something to do until the one that knocks his socks off comes along. When he thinks he found her, he leaves you in the dust.

This is sad but true. If you think about it, you may have done the same thing. Or perhaps you liked one guy above all the others that were showing you interest. It makes it difficult to focus on the men you aren't so taken with when there is one that has you captivated. This happens to guys too. There is sometimes someone else on his mind that you have no idea about. It's not your fault. He disappears because in his mind, you aren't her.

The best thing to do when a guy stops calling or he disappears is nothing. There is no point in going after him or asking him why. If he isn't investing in you, there is no sense in investing in him. If you go after him and want or demand an explanation, you will just push him further away. Let him go. Most men resurface in time and then perhaps you can have another chance, or chances are, you won't want him anymore.

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