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You Want To Get Him To Propose? Don't Give Him Ultimatums
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You Want To Get Him To Propose? Don\'t Give Him Ultimatums

After you have been dating him for quite a while you may start to think about how to get him to propose to you. After all maybe you have been dating for a long time and feel that it is the next step. You want him to make a commitment of some kind. One thing to remember is that whatever you do don't force him with some demand or use some kind of ultimatum to get him to marry you. That is what they call a relationship suicide.

Some women want to get engaged so much because maybe their girlfriends are engaged, or maybe the biological clock may be ticking away. There could be numerous reasons why you want him to give you that ring. No woman likes to play the waiting game and especially when she loves the man she is with and wants to take it to the next step. Sometimes you may get even desperate at this time and that could lead to possible threats.

Have you given him any ultimatums? That is the same as a final notice or a last chance for him. If you have then he also takes that as a threat. What a lot of women don't realize is that using this kind of pressure to get him to propose usually will cause the demise of the relationship. The end of it, no more boyfriend, lover, or relationship. Men don't like marriage ultimatums especially when he is not ready to commit to you with all his heart.

Let say you do decide to give him some type of ultimatum anyways. Maybe you have wanted to say to him that you want to get married either now or never and that you feel you are wasting your time in this relationship if he doesn't want to take it any further. If you do this then either be sure to have your bags packed if you are living together or get ready to help him pack his bags. This is a time in the relationship when they will usually pack and go or ask you to leave. So, if you are ready to deal with the truth about the relationship then give him that ultimatum and see what happens. I don't advise it though. Just be sure that you are ready to deal with the whole truth about the relationship. He may go. Or, if you are living with him he may help you find another place.

Whatever the response may be there is a much better way to get him to propose to you. You don't have to use any type of ultimatums. You just need some better ways to melt his heart. If you are the one for him he will marry you. There are much better ways to get that marriage proposal and before you know it you will get that ring from the man you love.

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