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Your Appearance Can Attract The Wrong Men
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Your Appearance Can Attract The Wrong Men

Do you know that what you wear can affect the type of guy you attract to you for dating and a possible relationship? There are different types of men, just like there are different types of women. We all have varying personalities, attitudes and even cultural standards that can contribute to how we dress. This is where I thought it’s important to bring this point to the attention of many women who may be finding that they are attracting the wrong type of men.

Men are generally known for being visually attracted to a woman initially, whether it’s for a relationship or casual dating. This means that their attraction towards you in the beginning will be based on how you look and dress to them. The more skin a woman is showing, the more it helps a man to visualize her naked. When he’s picturing her naked, it can then lead to him wanting to have sex with her or seeing sex as the most important thing he would like from her. Men normally can't help it when he first looks at you in you are in his line of vision, but if a man looks again and holds his glance, then he may be doing more with his mind.

Most men will have trouble controlling their thoughts when you are showing a lot of skin. So what you wear can be attracting men towards you every day, but controlling what type of men is how you represent yourself. This has now become a worldwide fact that the shorter your skirt is or the more visible your breasts are, then the higher chance there is of attracting men who want sex, because it makes it easier for a man to picture you naked. The same can apply with tightly fitted clothes that hug your figure. This can also help to give men an image of what your body would look like naked.

When you dress more conservatively and suiting your body shape, you will attract men who respect women, as you’re showing that you respect yourself and that’s the type of woman he will be looking for. If you do prefer tighter fitting clothes, then a good idea is to mix it up. If you wear a tight fitting top, then wear a skirt which is loose fitting, flowing or flares out a bit. If you wear a tight fitting skirt, then make sure its around knee length and wear a shirt that is a bit looser fitting.

When a man is looking for a great woman, he will also be more attracted to her femineity. So make sure that you allow yourself to represent this as well. This includes wearing more skirts and dresses, allowing your hair to grow beyond your shoulders, wear more girly colours like pinks and reds, and carry yourself elegantly while using softer movement and softer words when you speak. Men want to be with a woman who has what he doesn’t have, so that’s why they appreciate our femineity.

Too much makeup can also be portrayed to men as women who don’t have a lot of confidence in themselves and can come across as a plastic look. Most women who apply a heavy layer of makeup are usually trying to hide what they think as flaws on their skin. This is where a man can see you as an object, instead of a more natural woman. So when you apply your makeup, keep it light and suited to your skin type.

So now you know that men see you visually first and create a picture in their mind when they see how a woman is dressed, so it’s important to portray yourself in a feminie and respectful way. Rather than wearing a really short skirt or dress, chose one that goes just above the knees and has a flowing affect to it. If you do happen to have long hair then try and wear it down more often too. When you put makeup on, only apply a light layer that is suited to your skin while still showing that take pride in your appearance.

Street Talk

A great article! You have hit it on the head for this ole cowboy! I can't understand why women who dress like they should be hanging out on a street corner would get so angry when a guy comes on to them. They want to look sexy and feel sexy, but they don't want the guy to think sex. Doesn't make much sense to me. I appreciate your candor and a great article, Lauren.

  about 7 years ago

Thanks McK. I used to see it a lot, so wasn't sure if the women were aware of what they were really attracting.

  about 7 years ago
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