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3 Trillion Dollars Per Day!
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3 Trillion Dollars Per Day!

US$ 3 Trillion per day - Yes, that's right. Trillions of dollars per day is the total amount turned over every trading day. All these money change hands through the global network of different platforms all connected to this one market - the currency trading market or more popularly called forex trading market.

Imagine that great amount. Even if all of us here start trading right now, everybody can still grab their own share of this very huge pie! And every day, more and more people are discovering this vast goldmine. Hundreds of thousands of people are opening accounts with online forex brokers everyday.

If you haven't heard anything about how this works, the basic concept is actually really simple. Currencies are traded in pairs. But you can think of them as stocks of a country. Think of it this way: stocks of corporations are traded in stock markets, or stock exchanges or whatever you call them in your place. While currencies on the other hand, which are like "stocks" of a country, are traded in the forex exchange.

In the same principle with trading stocks, with forex you also buy at a low price and then sell it at a higher price. That's the first type of trade, called "long trade". The other one works this way in simplest terms, you sell a pair at a higher price and then buy it back at a lower price, the difference being your profits. This is called "short trade".

The latter type of trade might be confusing since you are selling something you don't have yet. Well, you can think of it this way: the amount (or currency) you sold is not yours, you just borrowed it from your broker, sold it at a certain price right away then you buy it back at a lower price than when you sold it. Then you return the amount that you borrowed from your broker. And you get to keep the difference as your profits.

People are seeing the great opportunity they have in this market. They can make large profits quickly, we all can. Growing your initial investment into a thousand percent is easily possible with the right education, training and tools, which by the way, are also available with almost every broker out there. I have proven this myself when I was able to grow my initial investment of $100 to $4,000 in less than a month!

This becomes possible due to the insane leverage that some brokers provide to their clients. I was able to find a broker who gives their clients a 1:1000 leverage. This means that for every dollar in my trading account, I can trade a total value of up to $1,000. So, with my initial $100, I was able to control $100,000 of real money to trade with other currencies.

Now the only challenge here is how you predict the direction of price movement. This is the most important thing and the determining factor of whether you make a profit or not. And this is where you're gonna need the education, training and tools that are made available to you.

And just as any experienced trader will advise, I also recommend you go through all the training, tutorial videos and understand how to use the tools available to you until you become confident that you can make it at the real market. Make sure you do that before actually risking your own hard-earned money. Because despite the great opportunity that is present here, this same market is also the most risky of all - that is if you dive right in without getting yourself ready.

And oh, did I mention you can participate in this exciting opportunity whenever and wherever you are? Some of the most reputable online forex trading brokers already provide mobile trading platforms to their clients. Now you can grab your share of this huge pie, on your mobile!

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