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Forex Robots – The Ugly Truth!
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The solution to this problem:

1 – NEVER buy a robot without a money back guarantee

2 – Always test the robot – backtest and demo trading – before trading live with it

3 – Always start with minimum account size when you trade live

4 – Check honest reviews from people who already bought and used the robot Another problem is without updated optimization ( tweaking the system and/or settings from time to time ) the robot would be useless. Why? Because while the market changes its behavior, the robot doesn’t change itself to adapt the new changes.

That’s why you see new version released of every robot every few months.” Well, that would solve the problem” you may say. But actually .. that’s not correct.

Ask yourself this question: how the sellers or creators know that their robot needs changes? No not from their live results. Actually, most sellers never trade with their own robots! .. they know that from “backtesting”.

When the results of bactesting are not so good, they perform these changes to make it look better. The problem with that is that you – the trader – know that the robot needs changes from your recently bad LIVE trading results. They didn’t lose any money, but you do. because you are the one who is trading with their robot!

The real problem here is the previous scenario happens ALL the time. You lose money from the robot’s bad – live trading - results, they change the robot to perform better in backtest. You lose money, they don’t. actually, they get more sales.. and the story goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, backtest is very important. But live trading result is the key to judge the performance of any robot or any trading system – auto or manual.

The solution to this problem:

1 - If the recent results of trading for any robot at any given time – especially scalping robots – are VERY bad. Don’t bother about the next update. Get your money back while you can and forget it.

2 – If the sellers released too many updates in a short time , that’s a bad sign and you should be careful with it. at least don’t trade live until the final – more stable – version is released.

3 – Be careful with robots that trades all currency pairs or multiple pairs. If there are no special settings for each pair or that the robot adjust itself for each pair then you should trade demo for longer time than usual on all pairs until you make sure that it works well with these pairs.

4 – Be VERY careful with scalping robots. Because usually they ignore money management. Especially regarding stop loss and take profit. When you see that the stop loss is higher in value than take profit , that means this robot is bad news until the results proves otherwise.

Well, as you can see. Robots are not exactly the – click>>profits – solution and for sure they are not those money printing machines you hear about in all robot’s sales letters!!

For real traders, robots are way more risky than any other kind of trading method. Mainly because you are blindly giving your money – in your account – to dump machine that trades according to the coded system that you have no idea what it is or how it works.

And Just one more thing ..

When you see – in any sales copy – how a robot turned few thousands to few million dollars within few months , ask yourself one question: if I’m the owner of this “Forex miracle” would I sell it for $99 per copy ?!!!

This is why you need a community of Professional Forex Traders to show you exactly how to use these Forex Robots and how to tweak the settings for maximum profitability. At The Forex Revolution that's exactly what we do. We have a solid money back guarantee, the risk is all ours.

Viva La Revolution!

Street Talk

Very true ! I bought some Forex Robots before and they suck !

  about 1 decade ago
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