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Lose TO Learn Successful Trading!

Trading with the ease of knowing that success is your key priority, the mind is a master of its thought and learning how to master your trading can lead to trading with dominant perspectives over the markets.

Trade your way in rolling with the big money spenders and the only way you can do that is by putting yourself in their shoes, If you want to roll like a big money spender than you should think like one. Always look at the bigger picture of trading yes you might be losing money, but every cent you lose is a valuable life lesson, I hear many people saying that they wont lose money in trading, well now that is just pure lies. Believe me when I say losing money in trading is good but winning money is even better, when you lose money to the markets you tend to re-evaluate your mistakes and strategy, whereas when you win you don't even think of looking back and evaluating how you did it. Losing is every traders downfall, but learning how to take the positive out the loss is really a key strategy in building a successful trading portfolio.

When you lose money in trading teach yourself to always re-evaluate your mistakes you might end up discovering that your decision of a trend was right but that you only entered at the wrong time.Learning from your mistakes is better than denying them, the more denial you have over your mistakes the more money you will keep losing and as a trader you cant allow that by all costs. The actual philosophy of trading is "Lose to Learn", meaning that all the successful traders you see out there have all lost money to be where they are right now, there's not a single trader out there that hasn't lost money, so why should you think that you the only trader in the world that wont lose money, lets not be too ambitious in our thoughts but also not be cynical about trading as well.

Try to be optimistic as every successful businessman is, because trading is a business and you are in charge of the whole enterprise. By all means I'm not trying to say lose your money on purpose, but what I'm emphasizing is that you really have to learn from your losses in order to stay in the game of trading. All humans have this instinct that you always have to win, but when you always win how can you identify new strategies of trading as you would when you lose.The mind operates what its told by its master and that is you, if you teach your mind to constantly think of strategies and techniques to overcome your losses then you are headed to a very bright future in trading.

I'm not going to waste your time and energy in teaching you how to win because by learning how to lose you will perfect your winning ways, now go back to the drawing board and analyse every single loss you have encountered these past days and formulate strategies on how to not make the mistake again. "Perfecting your losses is perfecting your business" and that simply means a greater potential of income is going to come your way. Rolling with the big boys means win and lose just like they do, be the Albert Einstein of trading and think of new ways to innovate your trading portfolio, this will create many "inventions" to help you become an all-time successful trader, who knows you might be just sitting with a killer strategy but you just haven't discovered its true potential because you not innovating it,"Creative thinkers are better than Good thinkers"

Learn how to lose your money and strategize how to get it back in multiples amounts don't fall a victim to the markets make the markets your victim and go in for the win. "Innovate your trading strategy" who knows you might be sitting with the best one in the world. Enjoy every moment of trading whether you win or lose its just a valuable learning experience.

Your losing experience can be your winning strategy, in order for you to win you got to learn how to lose. Trust every past experience you have encountered as it has the most valuable life lessons, "Money is the issue but Knowledge is the solution".Acquire as much knowledge as possible in the trading world and try not to stick with it but innovate it to enlighten a better portfolio for yourself, "Give me a good idea and I'll give you a better one".

Traders lets make all the opportunities that come our way a life lesson and lets not be in denial of our mistakes, be true to every loss you experience and don't neglect your mind as it possesses extraordinary power, Trust in yourself and always look to innovate your trading portfolio, practice on how to solve your losing streak and most definitely you will perfect your trading success. Believing in yourself can create a positive mentality for yourself and help you generate more ideas on how to generate money from the markets with just a push of a button. The more complex losing situations you solve the more you are perfecting your mind to deliver successful strategies for you to ambush the markets and finally take money from it than the other way around. Relying on your mind to solve these issues is better than trusting any trading robots to solve your losing ways for you.

Be solitude and maintain a positive creative mindset, Allow your mind to solve your trading obstacles and most probably you will encounter a successful trading portfolio."Teach yourself to master your mind and it will teach you how to master the markets". Best traders are the ones that make their mind do the most work for them and teach them how to take control over the markets.

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Hello Lawrence, great article. Any idea where I can take a stock market online course? For international markets cause I'm not in US.

  about 9 years ago
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