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Your Trading Emotions, Foe Or Friend?
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Your Trading Emotions, Foe Or Friend?

Many a myth exists in trading community blogs and articles on trading psychology regarding our trading emotions. By and large the opinions of traders and trading coaches are reflecting long established paradigms which are the result of a predominantly macho oriented world.

These old paradigms are becoming outdated though as new findings in neuro science acknowledge the importance of feelings in any decision making process.

While I am writing this information mainly for the traders amongst you, the information holds true for everyone who makes decisions on a regular basis.

Neuroscience has established that in order to make a decision we do not only search the memory banks for reference points, but our feelings influence the any decision making process to a much larger degree than originally thought.

In fact, we cannot make decisions without emotions. I have been telling the traders I coach for years that in order to become fully congruent with their trading in all market conditions, they need to be able to tune into their trading emotions. The trick is to do so from an observer's view and without judgement.

View your trading emotions as a valuable feed back mechanism

Let's assume that you are having a difficult time making consistent profits. Maybe you are feeling nervous when you entering a trade? The uncertainty which is an integral part of the trading business is one aspect that causes many emotional challenges, particularly for new traders.

You cannot suppress your emotions. If you do this, you will find that they come back sooner or later. Worse still in an attempt of overriding trading emotions you may force yourself to trade your trading system indiscriminately taking signal, you might not otherwise be taking.

Truth is that some days we are hot, and other days we are not.

You are trading to make money and also to have fun doing so. Your trading should not be an exercise in mach self discipline at all cost. Rather it should be about getting in touch with yourself and understanding what makes you feel confident and ready to pull the trigger and what doesn't.

You can only improve when you are willing to look at all your trading emotions, even those you may not want to face up to. You may think you are alone, battling with illogical fear and unreasonable anxiety when you are experiencing periods of account drawdowns.

It is a comforting thought to realise, that you are not alone. Every trader goes through the realisation that they have to face up to their innermost selves at some point on the path to trading mastery.

Account drawdowns are a challenge every trader has to face. It is simply impossible to be right all the time. However, if you can let this be okay and learn from trading emotions, you will be an important step closer to trading mastery.

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Thank you, Penny.

  about 1 decade ago

Interesting information Mercedes, thank you.

  about 1 decade ago
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