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How To Clean Your Marble Headstones
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How to Clean Your Marble Headstones

Whenever a loved one passes away, we are eager to build memorials for them. We do it with a lot of love and respect. However, as time passes, our wounds heal, the memorials show the signs of neglect. Have you taken a good look at the marble headstones you had established so lovingly for your loved one? Are you going to leave in it the dirt and grime along with your memories of your loved one? Surely not. It is true that our lives today have become so busy that it is not always possible to look after the ones we love be it alive or dead. However, you can easily mend this mistake. Just a little tender love and care is enough to spring to life to your memorial and ensure that your memories are not getting tarnished either.

Follow the steps to ensure that give those marble headstones the shine it was born with.

• First, it is important to check whether the marble is in good condition or not. Only attempt to lean those marbles which are devoid of cracks and fissures otherwise, the cleaning process can leave the already weak marble weaker with irreparable damage.

• After you have ensured the marble is devoid of cracks, you need to immerse the headstone in water so that it saturates any growths that may be present, then, use a wooden scraper to free the headstone’s surface from any algae or other vegetation growth.

• Now, mix add I tablespoon of non-iconic soap to a gallon of water, dip your brushes into this soapy mixture and brush the marble headstone to remove all debris. The stone should be wet with clean water throughout this process.

• Once you have removed all the debris, thoroughly clean the stone with clean water so that no soapy residue is left behind.

• This should clean most of the dust, mud and vegetation that may have developed on the marble headstone, however if there are any tougher stains like oil or grease, add a small amount of ammonia to the mixture.

• You can remove minor scratches from the surface of the marble by rubbing it off with a sandpaper. However, keep in mind, the right grade should be used so that you do not add more scratches in the process of removing them!

• If you want to add that extra shine to the marble gravestone, you can always add a little marble polish as a finishing touch.

If you follow this cleaning process every 18 months then the marble headstones will never get old. For the time in between just a wipe, a hello and a flower will do.

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