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How To Win At The Lottery
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How to Win at the Lottery

You have to play the lottery to win it. So if you want to know how to win the lottery, that is the only system I know. We all know lottery winners so we think that if someone else can win, so can we. The odds are against us. The odds are always with the house but lottery odds are below what a gambling casino gives you. It’s like PCH, the odds of winning are about the same as not playing.

So, if you are going to play with your money, you be the “house.” Put your money into real assets that pay you over time. That might me a business, real estate, stocks and bonds, works of art, anything having true and intrinsic value. It could be further education or skill building. You will have less interest in learning how to win the lottery and more interest in building your personal wealth in a proven way.

I grew up in the Great Depression so I know how some people are hurting. They can not buy a tank of gas or a movie ticket but they might dig up a buck for a lottery ticket. So be it if they keep it to that. But some people spend way too much on lottery tickets, buy larger bundles of tickets as the jackpot grows in to the multimillions. Some buy 100 tickets at a crack. It may not bring in a win but it makes them think the increased odds of winning are worth it. Well, it is not a great increase in odds when the real odds are about the same for winning as not playing.

Many people are deep in debt. They have a trust in the lottery thinking that they could win, so going further in debt is not a problems. It would be more in their interest to lower their debt load by baying off the load with the smallest balance first, doubling up on payments if possible, and then adding that payment money to their next smallest balance, and they should avoid all further debt even though they have freed a little money. Now you know one way to win the lottery. Don’t bother with the lottery other than putting in that occasional dollar.

You can earn extra money from your computer. If you can take your computer to work, you can use it to make money during lunch- and other breaks. Many folks have increased their household income by marketing not their own products, but other peoples products on the Internet. You need some training and you need to stay away from the get-rich-quick gurus, but the opportunity is there for you to take advantage. I have belonged to a community of Internet Marketers for four years. We have the tools and resources and training we need to succeed as an affiliate marketer. We sell other peoples products. You can too.

Fly Old Glory!

P.S. The pic is the most famous of the Great Depression. They were hard times indeed.

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I agree, John....the only way to play is not to....yeah, someone has to win but the odds are really stacked against you being the one or two that might. Why take the chance? I see people buying upwards of $50 or better every time they buy lottery tickets. I know a much better way to spend that money and make it pay off in the end...and so do you :)

  about 9 years ago

Good advice and info John

  about 1 decade ago
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