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At Home Dental Care: Oil Pulling
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One of the main benefits from oil pulling would be improved dental health. But how exactly does it work? Well, according to Dr. Karach who’s a firm believer of oil pulling and author of the book “Oil Pulling Therapy” explains how it helps to heal tooth pain, fix teeth that are loose, whitens the teeth, and helps bleeding gums.

It carries a big impact on solving many dental issues. A truly amazing result is that it fixes loose teeth. The many benefits also include the removing of infection, eliminate bad breath, tooth pain and sensitivity, and will stop tooth decay. This is truly amazing to learn that oil pulling can do all of this.

You see, the oil works as an all natural teeth cleaner. Oil pulling is the swishing of oil inside the mouth without swallowing, and then spit out after 15 to 20 minutes. It removes toxins in the mouth that are responsible for making you sick. As you swish the oil around you mouth, in between your teeth, and around you gums, the oil will attract the bacteria hiding in your gums, under the small crevices, and in the pores and tubules within the teeth.

The saliva and oil together attract and pull the bacteria making your mouth and teeth clean and healthy. When you have a clean and healthy mouth, your body will be able to self-heal while maintaining your overall health by removing this bacteria. Some diseases that are possibly linked to oral health include:

  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • HIV

There is a definite link between your oral health and your overall health. This in itself makes you want to take better care of your teeth and gums. When your gums are in a healthy condition, the bacteria that is present inside your mouth usually will not enter the bloodstream. It’s been researched and some believe that there is a link between the bacteria and inflammation in your mouth and other health problems in your body. Most people are afraid of the dentist, so for them oil pulling for dental care is the way to go.

Oil pulling is a natural approach to treating gum disease and when you are having a dental issue and cannot get to the dentist. For example, it will calm down tooth pain associated with an abscessed tooth if you cannot get to the dentist right away. It will also speed up the healing process after getting an implant and safe to use if you have crowns. Overall, oil pulling will only improve your dental health and help you to have strong, healthy teeth and a nice, bright smile.

You really can use any type of oil you wish. The most common are sunflower and sesame oil. However, I have had a lot of good results oil pulling with coconut oil. I use it for practically everything: as a beauty health product, for cooking, moisturizer for my skin, for my hair, and even as a make-up remover. Why not use it for my dental needs, too, and it does work. I brush my teeth with organic coconut oil and my last dental visit showed no cavities, while six months before I had three. I'm convinced it really does work.

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