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Can Bad Breath Be Cured?
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Bad breath also called as Halitosis in medical terms. It is nothing but an unpleasant smell of breath.

At times we experience bad breath soon after awaking up, after intake of food that contains onions, garlic, after smoking, chewing tobacco but the bad breath caused by these things are temporary,it wont last for long time. This type of bad breath is temporary and is common for most of the people.For this there is no need to get depressed as it can be controlled by following simple dental care steps. :

When one experiences persistent bad breath, it indicates of some health problem. The health problem may of oral or systemic.

Oral Conditions that causes bad breath : Deep carious tooth with food impaction, extraction wounds filled with blood clot, crowded teeth that leads to food entrapment, dentures when kept in mouth at night or not regularly cleaned produces a typical Gingival and periodontal infections ,Dental abscess, mouth ulcers also causes bad breath, salivary gland infections that leads to decrease in salivary secretion resulting in dry mouth., as saliva is a cleansing agent that helps to remove the food debris , plaque,and controls of bad breath, dry mouth results in bad breath

Extra oral causes that leads to bad breath : post nasal drip caused by chronic sinusitis, acute pharyngitis, lung infections such as chronic bronchitis, liver, kidney infections,sometimes regurgitation leads to bad breath because of acid content of stomach reaches oral cavity, some drugs that are taken for cure of systemic diseases decreases saliva content in mouth that leads to dry mouth or xerostomia, even in diabetic condition bad breath is seen.

Self- examination for bad breath :

Smelling a metallic or non odorous plastic spoon after scraping the back of tongue, smelling saliva spit in a small cup or spoon after allowing to dry for a few seconds so that the odor can escape from liquid, These methods helps one self to determine whether one is really suffering from bad breath. It is better to have through examination from the doctor.

Prevention and cure of bad breath :

Bad breath can be prevented by

brushing twice daily

brushing or gargling after meals

stop smoking and chewing tobacco

changing the tooth brush for every three months

chewing gums,

using mouth wash but it should be used after taking advice from the dentist , as mouthwash contain some amount of alcohol

visiting dentist regularly twice a year

By following the above simple steps one can be free from bad breath.

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