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Understanding How To Choose A Dental Plan
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Knowing the difference between the different dental plans available in your state can offset confusion and cost associated with good dental care. Many of us have had a tooth ache or a sensitive tooth, maybe a cavity or two, or maybe even a root canal or crown procedure. Until you have had the pain from one of these problems, dental insurance was probably a distance thought.

If you are like myself I never thought about dental insurance until I needed a root canal, the pain was unbearable I would have done anything to get it to stop. I did not have dental insurance I didn’t even have a regular dentist. I was like most Americans and needed immediate relief, help (whatever you want to call it) and I could not afford to pay cash for the procedure. It was too late to buy dental insurance that would cover a root canal or major procedure because most dental plans have a 6 month or 1 year waiting period (something you need to understand). So I was up a creek….. so to speak. Luckily I had a little money down and the dentist financed the rest on Care Credit @ 18% interest. Go figure! It took me almost two years to pay the bill in full, but the pain was gone. So I guess the lesson I learned was I could have prevented the root canal if I had been receiving regular cleanings and checkups by having a dental policy with access to affordable dental care. Understanding the need for dental insurance is important to your overall health, because at some point if you are not taking care of your teeth and practicing good dental hygiene you will need a dental procedure that will cost an exuberant amount of money.

There are 3 different types of dental insurance 1. Indemnity Plans - commonly known as a fee-for-service program or traditional policy. If an indemnity plan is chosen it will more than likely give you freedom of choice when choosing a dentist 2. Capitation Plans are much like an HMO plan where arrangements are made with specific network providers, if you have a lot of dental problems this might be the most cost effective plan to choose. 3. Direct Reimbursement Plans- a third party administrator plan, a cost effective, self-funded benefit plan that reimburses the employee for all dental expenses depending upon dollars spent not on procedure performed. And of these 3 types of plans there are 2 different options for choosing a dentist: 1. Open Panel- is more of a “Freedom of choice” plan for choosing doctors. Such as Indemnity Plans 2. Closed Panel- is choosing a doctor in a network or plan dentist. Such as HMO, PPO plans.

Most plans concentrate on preventative care, preventative care is the key to maintaining your oral health. Dental insurance plans place an emphasis on preventative care such as regular checkups and cleanings. With regular checkups problems can be diagnosed early and treated without expensive procedures.

Being prepared by having a dental policy in place before it is actually necessary can actually save you thousands of dollars each year and you will more than likely be past your waiting periods for major work. Make sure you have regular checkups and cleanings to maintain good oral health. Plan ahead with dental insurance.

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