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Beating Depression At Its Own Game
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Beating Depression At Its Own Game

When you are in the throes of depression, you may not want to exist at all, let alone get out of bed. You can be totally crippled by the way you feel emotionally. All you want is for it to go away and leave you alone. Thankfully, there are ways to ease the grip of depression so you can get back to a normal life again.

One great way to battle your emotions is to write them down. Go through them all, no matter how painful, and write them out in detail. The more you write, the less will be hanging on your heart and in your mind. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or have thoughts racing through your head, start writing. You will quickly be able to rein in your emotions as you let them out on paper.

Next, look back at what you have written. What major themes are continually appearing? Is it a childhood trauma which seems to never go away? Is it a relationship which you are struggling with? Is it school? Work? Body image? You should see a pattern within what you write, whether it be a generalized sense of anxiety or a specific situation which is getting you down. How you proceed should be based on what the problem seems to be.

If you have a loved one you trust, let them know how you are feeling and what you have found. They may be able to help you work through the situation which is bothering you to a more positive outcome. If not, they can point you in the direction of help, be it medical or non-traditional. Whatever avenue they take you down, you can know that help is on the horizon.

When you are feeling really low, try to do something you love. For example, if you enjoy playing guitar, write a song about how you feel. Sometimes doing something you are passionate about can negate the negative feelings in your heart. If you like exercise, that is an even better activity to engage in as it releases chemicals in your brain which are a natural pick-me-up.

If you don't have any hobbies you are passionate about, start trying new ones. You not only may learn something new, you may find an activity you really enjoy. On top of that, it can help you meet new people who you might end up liking a lot. Sometimes, having a larger social circle can be enough to pick you up out of the doldrums, especially if loneliness is one of your issues. The fact that you share a passion means you will have something in common, adding to feelings of acceptance and love.

If your depression ever gets to the point that you are considering self-harm, you absolutely must seek medical help. The world would be lost without you, and you can't bring that pain to your loved one's hearts. They would not be better without you, instead they would be much worse, so find help so you can be there for them like they try to be for you.

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