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Depressed Huh?: Well Fight Back
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Depressed Huh?: Well Fight Back

Depression, one of the worst states that a person can be in. Depression can cause someone to feel worthless, humiliated and in a constant state of anxiety. Seeing as I have fought through depression first hand, some of my insights may help you or a love one through their bout of Depression. Hopefully after reading this article you are filled with hope and keep up the fight against your depression.

The Enemy is You?!?(Face Your Shadow Self)

Simply put the enemy really and truly is yourself. Though at times we may "think" that it is others controlling your feelings in reality the only one in control of you, is yourself. It is also important to realize that you are taking to steps to better yourself(proof of the power, you have over your depression). Before we jump into fighting the depression lets get some background information on it.

So uh... what is depression? My definition of depression is a low state of mood in which one feels, very bad about themselves, their life, their world and ultimately other people(this should give you some insight as to why people love positive people). Remember there is a difference between feeling sad, or upset versus being in a state of depression. Some common reasons why people become depressed: loss of a job, loss of health, loss of a love one, as well as loss of identity(self crisis).

It is my personal belief that every problem that falls upon us can be handled by good old fashion work ethic. The desire to become better, do better and achieve more should be all the push that you need. If this is not enough, think about it like this: imagine all the good things you can do for this world, imagine all the love you can give to the world, imagine all the love you can give to that special woman(man), imagine your new empowered self, battling the problems of the world and helping others overcome their negativity.

Actually if you think about it, everybody is rooting for you to become better. When you become more positive, happy and joyful, you bring all that goodness into someone else's life(as well as your own) causing more happiness in the world. You see my friend, you having been hiding your light(your gift,your blessing) from the world and that is a problem. We were not made to be discouraged, but encouraged that is why when you hear good words, you feel more energized that's what we are here for to help one another and improve.

Somethings to help change your mood.

Get out of the house and just walk around. Physical exercise whether walking or strength training will help your brain release dopamine. Dopamine gives you a natural "high" feeling, but instead of relying on a drug or a booze, you rely upon yourself. This good feeling becomes more intense as the brain becomes used to releasing it, causing a powerful response.

Volunteer- Giving your time and energy to others is one of the greatest things you can do. Its reward comes from seeing the happiness, you have instilled in another individuals life.

New Clothes- Yes a simple change of wardrobe can make you feel like a winner in your life and increase your mood.

Read motivational articles as well as positive quotes and sayings to help keep you motivated.

Believe me depression is almost always self inflict and if not, it usually is self-sustained through your mind. If you choose to let it go and move on with your life, you can. So what you are not some beautiful model or actress, you can still be happy and live a life fulfilled. Hopefully this article helped you realize that you deserve to be happy. Remember when you are smiling the whole world smiles back at you.

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