How To Beat The Blues: 5 Natural Coping Strategies That Work!
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How to Beat The Blues: 5 Natural Coping Strategies That Work!

Are you feeling out of sorts? Not quiet yourself and feeling unmotivated?

This is perfectly natural and something we each encounter from time-to-time. It goes without saying that we'd like to feel happy and positive 24/7 for 365 days of the year every year but in reality life doesn't work like that! We just have to roll with the punches and cope as best we can.

At the same time it's important to not let your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions manifest as this can lead to a more sever condition such as depression and possible even anxiety. Luckily there's a few simple coping strategies that you can apply to help lift your spirits and beat those blues.

How to Beat The Blues

Assess The Way You Feel

The first step is try and determine why you're not quite feeling yourself. What led to you feeling this way? Can you pinpoint a situation or event that may have led to you feeling this way? Sometimes we can overlook the less obvious causes such as ongoing relationship issues or financial worries as we simply become accustom to them.

Assess your thoughts and feelings and see if you can identify any issues that may be contributing to you feeling down. If you can identify the roots of your negative emotions then you're much better able to address the issue. If there's no obvious reason that jumps out at you then don't worry, sometimes things can just build up and get on top of us without us seeing it coming.

Open Up About Your Feelings

If you're able to determine a reason for not quite feeling yourself then it's best to address this reason and nip it in the bud. If you just bottle it up then it will manifest and you may soon find yourself feeling more down and struggling even more to beat the blues.

Again you may not be consciously aware of exactly what it is that's making you feel down but opening up about how you feel with others can really help lift your spirits. They can offer a third-party perspective and help you see things slightly differently. Not only that but getting things off your chest can help you release some of that mental tension.

Find an Escape

We all have activities we enjoy doing and more often than not we neglect these activities due to the fast-paced world we live in. For me personally I like to spend some time in my studio and DJ booth where I can just lose myself in the music. I don't know what it is but all that matters is the here and now when I'm in my studio, that's the key, finding an activity you love that will free your mind from the burden that's making you feel down.

Make sure they're productive activities as well and not sedentary hobbies such as watching TV or losing yourself in video games. Whilst these may provide an escape you'll get no real sense of worth from them. That's my opinion anyway but if you're a movie fanatic or you enjoy completing puzzles then go ahead - just do whatever brings a smile to your face and lifts your spirits.

The Power of Nostalgia

Here's a really interesting technique I've been researching as of late (I know I need to get out more)! But seriously, you can find happiness through nostalgia alone! Revisiting past memories and reminiscing with faces from the past has proven to be extremely effective for lifting a person's mood.

"Our research suggests that nostalgia is largely psychologically positive - Professor Clay Routledge of North Dakota State University."

You know the feeling when you reconnect with an old friend and swap stories from the past right? That sense of euphoria, reliving those special moments. Exploit this and use it to your advantage. With the internet and modern technology it's now possible to reconnect with people from way back. Even just browsing over old photos and reigniting memories buried in the subconscious that way has shown to have a natural and positive effect on the human psyche.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Most people never stop to consider how their own lifestyle may be contributing to their feelings of negativity! You shouldn't under-estimate just how bigger impact your lifestyle can have on your mood. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind and the same is true in reverse.

So with this in mind you should strive to maintain a stable and well-balanced diet, ensure the body gets adequate exercise and also proper rest. These three factors really are key, your body needs proper nutrition to function properly, exercise to burn off tension and proper rest to keep you vibrant and alert.

Wrapping It Up

There are many strategies for beating the blues but just strive to be the best person you can be. Be honest in all that you do, and never under-estimate your worth as human-being. Remember - we can never completely be free of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions they're simply part and parcel of life.

How we manage them though is key! It's important to maintain a positive attitude and live for the present moment. Sometimes we can make ourselves feel down by festering on our woes. Get out there, enjoy yourself and you'll soon beat the blues naturally and put that smile back on your face.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery, today is a gift - that's why they call it the present".

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